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Your Relationships are Going to Change

August 15, 2017 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

You know, a lot of people think about life as being static. Entrepreneurs have goals. We want to get places. We want to do things. When entrepreneurs show up at my office and we’re working on their plans to achieve their dreams and goals. They often share with me big plans, places they want to live, trips they want to have, companies they want to build, how they want to help others along the way. They’re great visions and they always are large. It’s great because this is empowering. It causes the person to stretch to want to do more. I’m a big believer in empowerment, but when you’re reaching for your goals, when you’re reaching for your empowerment, how are you doing it in a way that makes sense, making sure that everything’s going to fit when you get there?

You want the big house. You want the big company. But something’s going to have to change in you. Things are going to have change in your life in order to get that. Some people that you are currently close to are going to be alienated by your changes, your hard work, your efforts, your sacrifices, your vision, and dreams. You’re going to lose some friends along the way. Some friends just aren’t going to get what you’re doing. Others are going to get it and they’re not going to agree with your balance or your choices. Other people are going to come to you because what you’re building is so great. What you’re going to find is that your community is going to change as you become empowered and as you grow. Everything’s not static. Your life is going to change around you. Your associations are going to change. The people that love you are going to change. The people you work with regularly are going to change. What you’ll typically find is, as you become more empowered, you’ll find others that are empowered and they’ll become your community.

You will move up together. You will accomplish great things by getting to higher and higher and higher levels. Unfortunately, some of your old relationships will fall by the wayside. You just need to be understanding that things change and everything is going to change as you become more and more of who you are and more and more great at what you’re doing. Those around you are going to change. It’s part of the natural process. Plan for it.

What’s been your experience? Have those around you changed as you’ve grown and shaped yourself? Join us in the comments below and share your thoughts and experiences.

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