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You Don’t Know How Good Your Team Is Until You Aren’t There

November 3, 2017 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

R. Shawn McBride recently spoke about a concept he learned about his business team.

Hi, folks. Shawn McBride here, sharing a little tidbit I got from the great Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach. I’ve talked about Dan Sullivan and Strategic Coach in prior lessons. I am a student. I learn from them. And it helps me bring lessons back and help my clients when I’m doing the work that I do with them. So they’re a great organization.

Dan had a great thought the other day when I saw him, and he was saying, “You don’t know how good your team is “until you’re not there to respond.” And so many times as business owners, and I was certainly guilty of this early in my career and I try not to do it now, you jump in to help people. You see something going wrong, and you say, “How can I help? How can I fix this? What can I do?” And you’re in help mode, and you’re fixing it. But you know, that’s not the answer.

Your teams need to stand on their own. They need to do the things they need to do to step up their game, to be what they need to be. So you need to step away and not necessarily help them every time there’s a problem. Let them struggle. See what they’re capable of. Let them build their skills. You don’t know how good your team is until you step away. This is one of the great reasons why it’s good to have free days or have days you work on your other business and letting your team run the business because you’re learning where the problems are. You can train, and you can coach. But if you don’t put them into the fire, you don’t have them handling situations and doing responsibility, you’re not going to really get true feedback on who they are.

So are you testing your team? Or are you always a phone call away? Or are you always there to answer? Are you making them think? By not being as available, you’re forcing them to think, and you can come back after the fact and talk about why they handled situations the way they did, and there will be some collective learning. But if you’re a helper and a healer and you’re just in there fix, fix, fixing, they’re always going to need you there, and your organization is never going to manage itself, and you’re not going to get to the highest levels.

You need teams that can do great things without you. You want their creativity. I am often shocked at what my team does when I’m not there, not because they’re not great. They are great, and they are capable. But I’m shocked by the creativity because there are things I would have never thought of that they do, and it’s only because I empower them and let them do the things that they love that my team comes up with great innovations and ideas, things that would have never occurred to me.

Are you challenging your teams? It’s going to take you further if you do. And if you let them run things on their own, you’ll see where your weak spots are, you’ll fix them. You’ll be better. You’ll be stronger. Things will move to a higher level.

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