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Tips for Attracting the Right Clients

August 2, 2017 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

At first, I was reluctant.

You may know of The Strategic Attraction Planning process developed by Jan Stringer and Alan Hickman to help businesses attract perfect customers. One of my business coaches, Steve Hendon of Practice to Business (link), wanted me to give the process a try. Steve is a certified Strategic Attraction planner, and he often talks about using the process to attract the right clients, the right teammates and the right people into your life in general.

At first, I doubted the Strategic Attraction process. It sounded very whimsical and theoretical to me. I didn’t know if it were real. But I gave it a try because Steve asked me to and I believe in him.

As part of this process, I had to make notes on who my perfect customer is. What is the customer’s profile? Whom would I want to interact with?

I discovered my perfect clients want to build a plan. They want someone to bring them cutting information and ideas. They want a team member to add value to the business. They want someone who can see more and lead them along the way. My clients typically aren’t looking for a solution to get them through the next day. My best clients are thinking strategically. They want to achieve greatness, and they know that they can’t do it alone.

I wrote all of this down some time ago and reviewed it periodically, both on calls with Steve and as I worked with potential clients. Here’s what happened: The more I focused my thoughts, energy and outgoing materials on those types of clients, the more those types of clients showed up. Now, when I approach clients, people know me. They know what I like. They know what I’m good at. They know I’m the right fit.

I’m happier because I work with the right people. And the clients are happy because they have the type of advisor they need. They know they can trust me. I have their backs.

I believe the Strategic Attraction process works. I’m amazed it helps me do the things I need to do to get the right clients in the door. Now that I’ve used it for some time, I am more focused are who my perfect client is, who my employees should be, and perhaps most importantly, what I want my life to look like. The more I focus on that, the more I know, and the more it comes to be. You definitely should give the Strategic Attraction process a chance. The steps Steve taught me are easy to implement:

#1. Spend time thinking about who your perfect client is and what it would look like to work with that client.

#2. Document it. Go into details to differentiate between a perfect client and one who’s not.

#3. Refine this list over time as you learn.

#4. Revisit this periodically. Think about it and think about whom you want to attract. Spend time analyzing it.

#5. Compare your prospects and opportunities with your strategic attraction list to see how close they are. I believe as you focus on this and analyze it over time, you’ll find prospects who are closer and closer to your ideal client.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you ever used a process similar to Strategic Attraction? How has it helped you? Is this something you want to try? Join us in the comments below and let us know your thoughts and experience.

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