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Stand Your Ground, Know Your Value: 4 Things to Think About

January 18, 2017 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

There are four things to consider when your value’s being questioned. One frequent challenge as a professional is others will question your advice and sometimes they are professionals, too. You just need to know this is part of the process. Here’s four things to consider when someone else questions you.


#1 You know it. You’re an expert. You’re hired for a reason. People are looking to you for your expertise. Don’t worry about what everybody else is thinking, because you know the value and you know why you reached the decisions that you did.

#2 There will be different opinions. Rarely are there things in life that are clearly black and white. Almost always there will be different opinions on different matters, so make sure you understand that. Know that you’re standing in your value, and that your opinion is valuable.

#3 Your experience is valuable. The reason why you’re being hired, the reason why you’re giving professional advice is because you are experienced. Stand in that value, know that your client values your input, and your point of view.

#4 There rarely is one right way. There’s many different ways to get where you’re going, and your client understands that. You’re providing your best opinion on the right way to do things. Understand that process, and know that your opinion is the one that you think is right, and you know why you’re doing it.


We as professionals need to stand in our value and know that we have made important decisions for the reasons we have based on a whole lifetime of experience, training, and knowledge, and that we have our client’s best interest at heart. We know the right way, and when others question it, we need to trust our own instincts.


What’s been your experience? Have you been questioned by others? What struggles have you had in this area? Join us in the comments below.


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