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Sometimes You Just Have to Take The Next Step

September 23, 2017 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

Recently, I took a trip for a business meeting, and I took a day off. I went and experienced a town. I got to enjoy the local sites. As part of my day, I went onto a climbing and zip lining course. It was very instrumental because it taught me a lot. I’ve talked previously about the benefits of taking free days and days where you don’t engage in your normal business activity to change your perspective and to give you new energy. This was one of those experiences. Not only was I getting a different perspective, clarity, and different energy, but I was having a parallel experience that has business implications.

As I was up climbing, 40 or 50 feet off the ground, looking at tricks and obstacles that I had never done before, I realized sometimes you just have to take the next step. I could sit there and overthink how I was going to get across a suspended mini cable from one side to the other. I could sit there and analyze how I was going to cross a chasm with rotating balls or moving platforms, but at some point, I just had to start moving and take the next step and learn and figure it out as I go.

One of the great benefits of this particular situation was I was protected. I was strapped into a harness with safety cables so it would be virtually impossible to harm myself, but it was still scary and there was always the chance of falling, getting cuts or scrapes, maybe even a break. For the most part, I wasn’t going to die. It was hard work and hard effort to get across that chasm, but I did and it taught me the something. Sometimes in business, you just have to take that next step. You just have to move forward. Once you start moving forward, things will happen, things will fall into place. People will see your momentum and things will develop.

What’s been your experience? Have you ever had one of these overwhelming experiences where it was difficult to get going? How did you move through it? How did you process it? What lessons did it teach you? Join us in the comments below and let us know about your thoughts and experience.

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