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Shocking News: The Power Pose is Dead

December 2, 2016 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

Many of us learned years ago about the power of the power pose. Standing in a particular position, with arms wide and taking up more space, would cause a more confident outcome in whatever you were doing, in negotiations, discussions, giving a speech, or whatever. I have to say, I tested the power pose, and it felt pretty darn good.

The use of power pose has become almost viral. I’ve been at events where speakers have been power posing. I’ve heard people talking before something happens, “Take the power pose.” “Stand in the power position.” A lot of people were using power poses.

Now the research shows that the power pose doesn’t work. Perhaps the initial study wasn’t done correctly (

What do we do now? How do we get confidence if the power pose is gone?

First, the power pose wasn’t all that much magic. I think a lot of the effect of the power pose was getting the person who was using the power pose to focus and concentrate their energy, and think about their outcome. You can still do this. If the power pose was working for you, don’t stop. If it helped you feel better, and more confident, and you believe it gave you better outcomes, there’s no reason to stop using the power pose. You could just spend more time preparing.

We talk in The Three Laws of Empowerment ( about the power of preparing. Here’s an area where you can spend more time preparing. Use the time you would’ve spent power posing to simply go over your material, and make sure you’re prepared for that negotiation discussion, or speech, and then move forward. If the new research is true, and many of us will be disappointed if it is, the power pose may not have the benefits we thought.

That doesn’t mean that we still can’t take control of the situation. We can stop and reflect. We can still do these things. We can still prepare ourselves. We can still think about how great we are, and how much work and effort we’ve put into it. We can still stop and pause and think about why it’s important we do things the right way, and mentally rehearse ourselves. That may be the best lesson here. The power’s in us, not a particular pose. You have the power in you. Go do great things.

Did you use the power pose? Are you disappointed about the power pose’s untimely demise? Will you continue to use it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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