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Seven Questions to Ask When Hiring a Speaker for Planning

December 13, 2016 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

Here’s seven questions to ask when you’re considering to hire a speaker on planning for your next conference, event, or corporate training.

#1 Are they actively doing plans for their clients? There’s a benefit to experience and to working through issues with clients and to seeing the evolution of the business marketplace that is gained in actively working with clients. The world is changing so quickly around us and so many issues come up in day to day practice. Is the person you’re hiring merely a speaker or trainer or are they actually working with their client on doing plans, getting into the nitty-gritty and fully understanding the issues as they happen?

#2 Do they have strong training to back up their teachings? Does the person have the academic skill? Have they been to graduate training? Do they have an undergraduate background in this area? Have they worked in this area for years and years? What training and background does your trainer have to back up their teaching?

#3 Why did they get into this? Why is the trainer doing this? Was it an outgrowth of their business and processes or did they jump into it because they were desperate to find a way to make income? What’s the passion that underlines why they’re training your audiences?

#4 Are they still having new experiences? Is your training engaged in a process where they’re still learning and growing in this area or are they regurgitating information that they learned 20 or 30 years ago in a new form? It’s critical in this day and age that everybody stay engaged and continue learning because so much is changing. Is your trainer learning and developing or are they simply regurgitating old experience again and again?

#5 Are they purely academic? Is their advice, presentation, and training based purely on academic theory or are they engaged in the real world? Are they actually out there working with people, seeing what’s really happening and using real solutions to real problems?

#6 Can they supplement their presentation or training in different degrees? If you’re hiring somebody to come in and talk about a particular issue, there’s probably a reason. There’s probably something going on that you want to address and that’s why you’re getting value. Can your speaker or trainer supplement what they’re doing with one-on-one coaching, workshops, or other ways to deliver that material to your audience to make sure that they are being protected and that they’re getting the value they deserve?

It’s great to have a wonderful speaker, as your audience connects with them and they see the value added, can they access this information other forms, too? Can you truly get the processes and procedures implemented to make your business work better? Is this person available to help you with it?

#7 Do they offer follow-up consulting? Can they follow-up with your group? Can they help you? Are they available if needed or are they simply going to come in, give a speech, and leave?

These are seven different key factors to consider when you’re thinking about hiring a speaker on planning. Make sure you take them into account when you’re looking at your next meeting and that the person can help you in so many different ways.

What’s been your experience when hiring somebody speak on planning? Have you been disappointed by the outcomes? Have you had problems? Join us in the comments below.

It’s critical that everyone stay engaged and continue to learn.

Choosing a speaker, wisely.

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