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Searching for Efficiencies

September 1, 2017 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

As part of the standard process of business and as I get more experienced and have owned my business longer and longer and have been working with more and more other businesses, here’s what I find. Businesses become efficient over time. Most businesses don’t start out efficient. They have an idea. They think they know what the market needs, but they often don’t, and they have to change. What many people would refer to as a pivot. You make a change to your product and your offering. You also learn your customers and your message over time, so don’t expect to be efficient when you first start your business. Many experienced business owners may approach you as a newer business owner and talk about the fact that you’re not being efficient or you’re not doing things as well as you want, and that’s okay.

Your financials aren’t going to line up like experienced businesses. You’re not going to get the same margins and income levels as experienced businesses, but you’re building an asset, an intangible asset, but an asset nonetheless. You’re learning about your market and your customers. And what to offer and how to make excessive profits and if you stick in there long enough and keep learning, you’re going to learn how to adjust and tailor your offering and efficiency will come. Then we can continue to hone your efficiency and hone your efficiency over time. Efficiencies are important in business and I recommend you keep an eye on it. But if you’re a newer business or you’re a business that’s changing your product or offering, you may want to put efficiency on the side for a while and focus on learning and collecting information which will allow you to be more efficient in the future.
What’s been your experience? Have you had a period of inefficiency in your business? Was the beginning of your business inefficient? Join us in the comments below and let us know about your thoughts and experiences.

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