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Reflections on The 2016 Election: Follow Your Dreams

November 22, 2016 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

As the 2016 election goes into the rearview mirror, what have we learned? We certainly saw a lot of divisiveness in the country. We saw a lot of fighting over the election that involved people expressing who they wanted as their candidate. We did see a strongly divided country. But I think we can take a more positive lesson from this election.

I think Donald Trump taught us all a lesson and it’s not just a lesson about how to arrange electoral votes. Although he changed the strategy that candidates have been using for many, many years about where to allocate your time and how to work to collect the most votes in the electoral college as possible, that’s not the lesson I am talking about. I think Donald Trump taught us to follow our dreams. Here was somebody that lot of people said couldn’t win. They said he couldn’t be president.

He was an outsider, he didn’t have the political background, the parties wouldn’t accept him and certainly he said and did a lot of things that caused a lot of people angst and worry. But guess what? He did it. He became president, whether you agree with him or not. Here’s an individual that followed his dreams, that had his passion and he made it happen. He came up with a strategy. Him and his advisers did an amazing job of executing. They worked hard.

You could see Donald Trump was working long hours, flying to a lot of cities and doing things that other candidates weren’t doing, both in the primaries and in the general elections. He made his dream happen and I think it shows us anything’s possible. Even if people say no, they say you can’t have that, with enough strategy, with enough hard work and with enough cunning, you may meet your dreams. Regardless of whether you like the election outcome or not, I think it teaches us anything’s possible.


What are your thoughts on following your dreams? Do you think Donald Trump gave us a great example of pushing to a dream even when others were telling him no? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


Donald Trump taught us to follow our dreams.

With enough hard work, anything’s possible.


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