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Profits in Partnerships

September 6, 2017 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

R. Shawn McBride recently spoke about profits in partnerships.

Hey everyone, Shawn here with you. I want to talk today about profits in partnerships. It’s something I’ve been talking about in different ways for a long time and I honestly believe there are huge profits to be made in partnerships.

When we look at some of the biggest most successful companies, they were all partnerships at different times. And there are reasons why we keep seeing partnerships do great things because we’re combining unique skills, we’re doing unique things in a way that’s very powerful for the business. Each of us has limitations. So, of course, we talk about building teams and a lot of us can build teams within a single owner business. You get people working for you. But there’s something very unique about getting multiple people working together on a venture and doing things that are uniquely done, but they’re both motivated by ownership so it’s very unusual and powerful when you can combine these correctly. And that is the key is combining them correctly to make profits in partnerships.

So, what I want to be talking about in upcoming videos and what we’ll be exploring is how to really build good partnerships. You’ll see many videos that I do talk about how do, we get the right partners together. That is the first step.

How do we get a good partnership agreement? And then once we’re up and running, how do we keep things ebbing and flowing, updating our buy and sell, continuing the company, keeping things running? There’s a lot of pieces in a successful partnership.

It does require work and maintenance, just like buying a wonderful car. You’re going to have to stop and do maintenance along the way. You’re going to have to take it in and get the oil changed. You’re going to have to rotate the tires. You’re going to have to get the brakes replaced at some point. If you don’t do these kinds of basic maintenance and routine things, you’re going to crash into a wall and your beautiful car’s going to be gone.

Same with your partnership. If you don’t do the maintenance and you don’t do the work along the way, you don’t build it correctly at the beginning, you don’t maintain it as you go; you are going to destroy your partnership.

But if you invest the time, the energy, the work, you can see tremendous growth and that’s what we’re going to be talking about is how to profit in partnership, how to build something bigger, how to do something amazing with yourself and your business.

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Get your business valuation checklist at McBride for Business. Make sure you download that and have that. And then there are blogs at McBride For and Read them, get tons of ideas and contents; build your business to the next level. Then reach out to me and let me know how I can help you. I want to sit down with you one on one, come in and coach your groups, do some training, keynotes, whatever is necessary to get you to the next level. Implement these principles of preparing, planning, protecting, and building more.

So, let’s start working hard today guys, profits in partnerships, build them right. I’m giving you tools and resources. Let me know what’s missing. Let me know what you need. Reach out to me. I will talk with you soon. R. Shawn McBride signing off.

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