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Picking the Partner to Make You Millions

October 16, 2017 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

R. Shawn McBride discusses the importance of finding the right partner.

Hi everyone, Shawn here with you again, talking about picking that business partner that’s going to make you millions. How do you determine, really who is that right business partner, and how you avoid getting into business with the wrong partner. Very important issue, very early decision you’re going to have to make. But there can be huge differences between the business partner that ends up in litigation with you, drags you down, tears your business apart, versus that business partner that your teammates stand by your side. And it really builds something that’s going to stand the test of time.

So how do we know, what are we looking for, how do we determine which side of the ledger we’re on when we’re looking at potential business partners? Well, number one, you need to have a real conversation, and this is where all business partnerships and partners need to start. You need to get that whiteboard out, you need to talk about what you’re each going to do and what you each expect from the partnership. Contributions in, what you’re taking out, you need to have a very real discussion.

You’re also going to discuss dividing authority. Who does what? When? How? And how do we deal with a differential conversation?

And then how are we going to deal with the inevitable changes in life, when things happen. The four D’s – Death, disability, divorce, disagreement. We need to have a plan for each of these, and understand how the business partners are going to relate to each other, and how they’re going to work together over time. So, these are all critical things as we’re building our business.

So, you’re looking for a business partner that can be your partner, teammate, can co-operate on these things, so that you can do great things to build it. If you have that kind of fundamental alignment, now you’re starting to indicate that this might be a good business partner, you might have a chance for success together so that you can build more. You really want to get deep into those discussions. Get into written business plans where you’re really talking about what the business is going to be, make sure you’re both have the same ideas of what the business is and where it’s going. From there you can move forward. So, these are the kind of issues you’re dealing with.

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