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Passion Versus Talent

December 2, 2016 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

An interesting video clip recently came out, where NFL star Ray Lewis questioned his former teammate Joe Flacco’s passion for the game. I think sports is a great analogy for business and I think that’s why so many business people love watching sports.

We can learn lessons from watching these teams. How they work, how they interact, how they deal with adversity, how they keep together, how they don’t keep together, and it applies to our businesses as well. I think that’s why so many business people are fascinated. You don’t always need the best group of players to win a Super Bowl or a Stanley Cup or a Major-League championship. You just need a team.

Sometimes teams come together in odd ways and there are so many individual players on a given team, that are all working for the same goal. Sometimes a star will carry you, but often you need something more. You need an “X factor.” Often the teams we see achieve great things are teams we didn’t think would. They just played together the right way, they worked together, and things came together.

In this discussion, , Ray Lewis questions Joe Flacco’s passion. He acknowledges Joe Flacco has talent. Being a Baltimore Ravens fan, I’ve watched a lot of Ravens games and Flacco is talented, no doubt. He can throw a football very well. He has good field presence. He makes good decisions generally, but you rarely see him impassioned, or inflamed about things.

You see him get happy, you see him get a little upset, but he’s very stoic. How does that affect his team? He certainly hasn’t been somebody that rallies a team like Ray Lewis did, back in his days. Ray Lewis says he categorizes his contacts between his teammates, co-workers, and friends. It takes a special level of connection to make certain levels.

How are your business teams working together? Are you impassioned about what you’re doing? Are your team members impassioned? Are you just a bunch of co-workers or are you teammates or are you even friends? How can you combine the team’s personalities to rally? What’s been your experience? What are your thoughts on passion versus talent? Are you passionate about what you’re doing or are you just merely talented in it? How has that affected your business? Join us in the comments below.

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