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Melding Different Styles to Do More

August 31, 2017 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

R. Shawn McBride recently spoke about melding different styles together and growing your team.

Hey, folks, it’s Shawn here. I want to talk to you about a very important idea from a management standpoint. It’s melding different styles together to do more. If your organization is struggling or if you’re in the early stages of growth and you want to build a company that’s really going to stand the test of time and do great things and grows exponentially, we really need to think about the future. We need to think about how things work, and how we’re going to grow our teams to play together because it needs to become a team environment. No one person is going to grow a company.

You know out of all the great leaders out there, they have help in different areas. Different people are doing different functions. And this is pure economics specialization. We’re going back to the days of Adam Smith here, right. Everybody is doing the things they do best and we bring that together in a team, we do even more. So we want to meld styles together. We want to look at different people.

There’s a lot of talk right now about generations – Millennials versus Gen-Xers, versus the Baby Boomers and how we all work differently. We do indeed have different styles and different cultural values when you look at these groups from an abstract, large level. We also have different working styles within our company. We have some people that are very high-strung and they want to be leaders. We have other people that want to be followers and just want to be conscientious and work through things. A lot of this will be seen in your disk style. But we have all these different styles and we want to blend them together in a way that makes sense.

We want everybody to be empowered. The 3 Laws of Empowerment that I speak about so much, everybody following their path and their dreams, but also doing it in a way that collectively makes sense.

And how do you do it? Often the best thing you can do is bring in some outside advice. Get an adviser to come in there and tell you what’s going right and what’s going wrong and where to focus, and where to emphasize, and where to pull back. And how to blend all this together in such a powerful way.

And so if that’s something you’re interested in, that’s a service we provide at McBride for Business. There’s also other great consultants out there. Find the one that has the right personality fit for you. Try this one for size. See if we work for you. Maybe somebody else is a better fit.

If this is resonating with you and something you’re starting to think about, check out the McBride for Business blog and the McBride Attorney’s blog. Both have great information for you.

Make sure you go to McBride for Business. Download your business valuation checklist. You’re going to get great information there for how to maximize the value of your business. And then like the R. Shawn McBride public page on Facebook and our YouTube channel, McBride for Business, so I can keep getting videos out to you to help you with what you need. Speaking of, if there’s something that’s bothering you, if there’s something you want to know, please let me know. Reach out to me. Email me, let me know how I can help you, what I can help you do more of and how we can grow your business. I’m Shawn McBride signing off. I hope to hear from you soon. Let me know what your issues are and how I can help you.

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