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Live on Womanars: Talking About Women in Business Partnership, Part 1

August 3, 2017 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

R. Shawn McBride was recently interviewed by Tilde Guajardo on Womanars. Here is part 1 of that interview.

Tilde: Good morning everybody!

R. Shawn McBride: Hello, everybody!

Tilde: Let me see. Let me get situated. Making sure that you are not hearing us talk at different times. And, okay now we’re good. We’re good on that front, now I’m gonna share it. Hey, if you can hear and see us, just give us a couple of hearts or a thumbs up and let us know that you’re here. If, and let us know where you’re watching from, too. I’d love to know where our audience is from. If you’re mainly local, here in Dallas, or wherever else you’re watching from. Whether you’re watching us live now, or On Demand, tell us where you’re watching us from. And if you’re sneakily watching from work. Get your earbuds on and listen to us because I get those emails from you.

R. Shawn McBride: So they’re there. Yeah, we’d love to know what questions you’re going have so if you have ideas or thoughts on women in business, and women in partnerships, that’s one of the things I talk about. If that’s something that interests you, send some questions over, we can try to talk a little bit about it. I did the TedX talk on this a couple of six months ago now, and it’s been a popular topic ever since people learned that I did that talk and you know, women are thinking about partnerships. I think they have really good things they can compete with differently than others. So, if you’re out there and you’re thinking about how do I team up with women or you’re a woman and say how do I work with other women to build a really good business, I have some ideas for you. But I’d love to know what your questions are so that we can think about the things that are real in your world.

Tilde: Yeah exactly and you know one of the reasons one the main reasons that we do these interviews ladies is for you to have access to people like Shawn and you can ask him questions right here, right now, and don’t have to wait. And if you are watching On Demand please put your questions in the comments as well because we’ll be monitoring for at least the next 24 hours for people that are maybe in a different time zone or might be sleeping right now. So be sure and put your questions or comments or your questions in the comments boxes so that we can address those, whether they’re questions for Shawn or myself you know. All of you know that I am always open to questions. I’ve had several of you send me private messages as well which is perfectly fine. I’m sure Shawn feels the same way – you find him on his Facebook page, as well. So, if you don’t want your questions being you know, being thrown out there in the comments boxes feel free to send us those private messages, as well.

R. Shawn McBride: Definitely, yeah. They are showing McBride Fans and Audience Page and just pop me a message over there. I check that thing fairly regularly and you know, if there are things that are real in your world, let me know, because, I love to try to address your concerns.
Tilde: So I’m gonna tell you a little bit about Shawn now. And I know he kind of did his own little self- introduction but I’m gonna tell you just a little bit more about him and read some information off of his personal bio. I’m really excited to have him here today because how many times have you thought about actually going into partnership with somebody else or maybe it’s just even doing a joint venture with somebody. We’ll, we’re going to be talking about some of the things that you need to know and do before you actually go into partnership or consider doing a joint venture with somebody.

Shawn McBride is the thought leader in the area of making plans with working and helping companies and leadership achieve their dream. Shawn is the CEO and Chief Innovation Officer at McBride for Business, LLC and the managing member of the R. Shawn McBride Law Firm.
What’s great about Shawn is that he is both an attorney and a CPA. So that’s really hard to find. I’ve only found one other person that actually has those two credentials alongside each other and I think that’s what makes his ability to really think through and work with businesses from that perspective, not only from a legal perspective, (from the law perspective) but also for your finances. Really unique in that perspective.
His law firm is a boutique business-focused practice with offices in Dallas and Austin. Currently, Shawn is licensed to practice law in 12 states and the District of Columbia. And he works directly with business and business owners in the law firm primarily on issues related to the ownership and control of the business. So, let me see here. Oh, he is a CPA in Florida, Maryland, and Texas for those of you living in those areas. So, Shawn thank you so much for being here. I really appreciate you taking the time to come and share with our audience today.
R. Shawn McBride: Oh it’s my pleasure. I love this topic. I love talking about women in business. You know, I kind of got brought into it with the TedX experience, got invited to speak there. And already been doing a lot with women in business but wasn’t an area of focus of mine until that happened. And now it’s like okay, let’s figure how everybody can compete the way that they can get the most in business. And I know women who have some very unique characteristics and things that they statistically do really well and that we can capitalize on and do amazing things in business.
Tilde: Yeah and you know what I love is, I love women that support women. But I also love the men that support women. So thank you for being one of those men and my question to you is, why are you focused on women-owned businesses? I mean where does that desire and passion come from?
R. Shawn McBride: Well it’s somewhat accidental and then it turned into something bigger. So, initially, I was running my law firm and later my business strategy firm and speaking business and we were just out interacting with clients and working with clients. And one day one of my staff members came to me and said well, why don’t you do a TedX talk on women in business, because there was a TedX program out there for women in business. And she said why don’t you talk about women in business. I just kind of scratched my head and said where did that come from? You know, you’re very reasonable with women, you work with a lot of women, you understand how women do well in business, so this makes perfect sense for you to get out and spread this message. Sometimes, maybe people want to hear from a different perspective, from an outside perspective because I am a true outsider, you know.
I know a lot of women’s groups that you know have females come to speak about women in business and that makes perfect sense. But sometimes you want that completely outside perspective looking in kind of like a coach. And so, after my staff member asked me to do the TedX talk, we agreed to do it and I started telling people that I had done the TedX talk on women in business. And more and more people started approaching me. And a lot of women’s groups have had me come and speak with them now and I kind of just got positioned to be somebody that talks about this because I understand the issue and I think just some people want to hear from the male perspective.
Tilde: Yeah, and you’re absolutely right and that’s why I really like to have both men and women on our shows. I mean predominantly, they are women, but I really love – I think that a male perspective sometimes just brings a different view of the way to look at things or a different perspective that we should be looking at things because I think a lot of times, women just tend to be one-sided, you know.
R. Shawn McBride: We have different life experiences, we have different training. We could go deep into the nature versus nurture argument which I don’t get into. I just know that you know based on the research studies I talked about in my TedX talk and other things that I’ve seen along the way. You know, women and men respond differently in most situations. So, we just take the fact that women and men do things differently in business and we build a competitive strategy around it.
Tilde: So, what have been some of – what has been the one thing in working with women-owned businesses or the top – the number one thing that you find that is most overlooked in establishing a new business?
R. Shawn McBride: I think the number one thing is women businesses tend to think, we’ve got to do it like everybody else, right. Our competitions are doing it this way, we’ve got to jump in and do it that way. We’ve got to work the same way as these existing structures and many of these structures for better or worse were developed by male dominated businesses. So they put different values on relationships and on how they interface with each other. How the communication is done, how decision making is done. All these structures are very male-oriented structures for the most part. So, I think women-owned businesses have an ability to build a more collaborative environment and do things differently. So if you embrace that from the beginning and you say, this is how we’re really going to be, you really have a chance to have a different style of business which can lead to different outcomes and some industries and some places, they can do amazing things.
Tilde: You know that’s really great advice because we do a lot of time, just want to mimic another business that might be similar to us not knowing that maybe their infrastructure is not as great as it seems or could have been done better.
R. Shawn McBride: Yeah, well sometimes the infrastructure is old that businesses that you’re competing against or copying has been around for a long time. Maybe they built it on a different model. But they also probably built it with a different ownership style than what women are happy with. You know, when we look at some of these research studies, we find that when women are in partnerships, their satisfaction levels are often much higher than men. So, they will often find ways to work together in the ways that men don’t. You don’t necessarily need to be as high hierarchal, you can have collaborative decision-making. You can get multiple points of view and I’m a big proponent of getting people working together and getting multiple points of view involved in all business. And here women have you know, based on studies, they have a greater tendency to collaborative and to work together so this is something they can build into the design of their business so they can do more.
Tilde: Yeah, absolutely. I want to remind the audience ladies if you know, if you or someone you know, is wanting to start a business, this is a great time to share the video so that if they do have any questions, that they can chime in now while we have Shawn here with us live. As well as just sharing it later if you are watching it On Demand. And be sure and share it with your friends who might be considering their own business you know, considering what type of business structure that they might consider.

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