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Live on Womanars: Part 5 Alignment With Your Business Partner

August 9, 2017 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

R. Shawn McBride was recently interviewed by Tilde Guajardo on Womanars. In part 5 of that interview, Shawn talks about alignment with your business partner.

Tilde: I just want to let people know that you and I have talked at an event this past Friday, called the Inner Outer Game to Success Business.
R. Shawn McBride: Yes.
Tilde: Right.
R. Shawn McBride: Yes.
Tilde: I wanted to get the title right. But a lot of people, a lot of us touch on that because the whole theme was personal authenticity or authenticity in business and so one of the things, I know I touched on in my own talk was being aligned with your own core beliefs. But I think what you’re just saying as well is make sure that you’re aligned with any of your partners with those core beliefs as well.
R. Shawn McBride: Absolutely. And that’s what it comes down to, you know. You want an aligned partnership. Now, we’re never going to be perfectly aligned with any two human beings. Everybody’s a little different. But you want core alignment, core values and core missions for the business. All the stuff should be resonating with each other. You should be seeing the same things and wanting the same things. And that’s going to allow you to unlock a lot, so.
Tilde: You know, and I can totally see how this can create some contrast and friction between partnerships especially if one of you is motivated by money and another one is motivated by helping, you know. I mean those are two vastly different things.
R. Shawn McBride: Right and these things need to be revisited periodically. And the one thing I always counsel people on about too with partnerships is, they change over time. You know, our points of view go differently, so today you know, everybody might be motivated by money but a life of that maybe happen, you know usually a lot of times, it’s with health or wellness of a loved one,
Tilde: Are you there Shawn?
R. Shawn McBride: Changes their perspective.
Tilde: Uh oh. Can you hear me, Shawn?
R. Shawn McBride: Have a shift at some point. We need to be flexible. Are you there?
Tilde: Uh you are really slow. Yeah.
R. Shawn McBride: Okay.
Tilde: I can, now I think we’re back to normal. You were like in slow motion.
R. Shawn McBride: I understand. I’m here in my office. I wonder if one of my neighbors, it’s lunch time. Maybe one of my neighbors is watching a video or something.
Tilde: Oh they might be. Because I was like, okay, if you’re wifi . . . this is when somebody’s playing on their phone or watching something.
R. Shawn McBride: I’m in the office you know and so I share the internet connection with other people in this section and in this building so maybe somebody is doing something on their lunch hour.
Tilde: Yes so if you could just reshare what you just shared briefly.
R. Shawn McBride: Sure. Of course, yes. You were talking about alignment and getting things together and no two people are going to be perfectly aligned so we want to be realistic about the fact that we want a good alignment.
We want core values, we want the core missions of the business and the other thing is we want to take into account, changes. Changes are going to happen in the life of people. All of us are due to change, all of us have things happen. Usually, major life events may be health or wellness of a loved one or other things will happen as we go along and that may shift how we want to allocate our time, how important the profitability of the business is, how much we want to help others.

We want to build partnerships that are flexible enough that if the values change and shift, we still have a model that works economically and also if it gets too fundamental of a difference maybe we have a buy-out provision where we can buy a partner out. We’d much rather send somebody away with a check than to have a bunch of litigation that can destroy the value of the business. So we’re doing a little bit of advanced planning for flexibility. That’s one of the keys early on is you need to develop flexibility for a lot of unknowns. You can anticipate a lot of things but a lot of things in life are harder to anticipate. So you want to build flexibility in there.
Tilde: Right and you know, I just want to take a couple of minutes to acknowledge Anne and Marsha, who are watching as well as Catalina who joined us watching live and Marsha says, that’s good information, I wish I had this information when I tried to collaborate with someone. It was so stressful.

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