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Let’s Support Each Other

August 16, 2017 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

R. Shawn McBride recently spoke about supporting each other.

Hey, folks, it’s Shawn here saying let’s celebrate each other’s wins. You know, we’re in a world of competition. A lot of us are doing great things. People are working hard. We’re all very unique. And I see a lot of negativity out there with other people’s wins. And I know most of the people that are listening to this aren’t thinking that way, but it’s always good to say let’s stop, let’s embrace, and let’s encourage others to do great things because when others around us are doing great things that’s lifting our level up. We become more capable of being associated with those that are successful.

Many of the people that I work around are doing great things. They’re doing things that I don’t do because they have different capabilities, they have different work styles, they have different contacts, and they have different relationships and they do amazing things and that doesn’t spike jealousy. That spikes a wow – look how wonderful they are, look what they’re doing. What can we learn from each other? How could I help them do even more? What little tidbit do I know that I can add to fuel their fire to take them to the next level? And a lot of the people around me reciprocate, they do the same type of thing. You know, they’re like wow Shawn, you know, did you think about this or did you do that or how might this tool in your business? And we’re all working collectively and collaboratively to do more.

So I want to encourage you to think about the same thing. What are you doing to do more? How are you building those around you? And, how are you encouraging greatness? And, are you doing things to allow more to happen or are you taking away from each other? Let’s work together. Let’s build more. Let’s do more.

It’s a philosophical thing. I think we should all work it into our thinking. And, most of us are very positive, but it’s something that we just want to let slip. You know, every time you’re thinking about what other people are doing, stay on the positive side of the ledger.

What can we do to help each other? It’s going to make a huge difference in our returns. We’re all going to be building each other up and that means more. You’re the sum total of your five closest friends many people say. Here it is, make your five friends even better and make yourself even better.

What can I do for you? Let me know. If you have questions on planning or issues you’re dealing with, just drop me a note. I love to record videos like this. Short snip bits on general topics. If you need some custom work, I would love to come in and work with you one on one, keynote, training . . .  whatever you need. And then, of course, we got the McBride for Business youtube channel. Subscribe. Get some great videos. I can help you launch your business to a higher level. And, of course, the R. Shawn McBride fans and audiences page on Facebook – good resources for you there. More resources at and And then, finally, there’s a business evaluation checklist at McBride for Business which you should really check out and get. Go get it. Let me know what you’re thinking. Reach out. Talk to you soon. R. Shawn McBride signing off.

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