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I Learned Not To Fight Self-Destructive Behavior

September 29, 2017 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

R. Shawn McBride recently spoke about pulling away from self-destructive people.

Hey folks, Shawn here with you, talking about an important principle I’ve learned over the life of my business and my career and I think it will be very important for you – and it wasn’t until I was a business owner until I started doing more that I realized this important lesson.

Do not fight self-destructive behavior. You are probably being pulled by others who are in a self-destructive loop. Maybe, this is why they’re still in corporate America. Maybe, this is why they haven’t progressed in their life.

If you’re an entrepreneur and if you’re building something great and moving to higher and higher levels, you need to have people around you that support that. We talk about who are your five closest friends. We hear about that a lot. Who are the people you’re spending time with? Who are you modeling and behaving like?

Do not behave like those that are self-destructive! You need to cut the ties, you need to move on. These people will hold you back. They will find a way to make everything a problem. They will self-destruct.

If they have a history of self-destructing, if they’re on a path of stagnation, if they’re staying in the same place, you need to get away. You need to save yourself. Do not engage with their self-destructiveness.

I made this mistake when I was early in my business; I would listen to people. I would hear what they said. I’d be like, “Oh, I understand. Let me help you.” And I would take my time and resources and help them. But what was frustrating was I would use my time and resources to help them and they would go back into the cycle of self-destruction. They were like feeding off of energy from other people. And most of the time, I was not the only person helping them. This could be a client, this could be a personal friend. It could be somebody tangential to your business or referral source.

There are certain people that are self-destructive and you need to get away from them. And when you start getting away from them, things start to happen and you start getting associated with good people – good clients. Clients who are glad to pay your bills. Clients that love to talk to you. Clients that want you there by their side to do more. They say, “Yes, you can be on our team. We want to grow and we grow together.” It unlocks everything because you start popping, taking your power out of the self-destructive people and you start pulling your power with those that are synergistic that want to do more, that want to grow. So you can see the difference. Just removing that negative self-destructive energy that you’ve been feeding and helping will give you more energy to help productive, strong, good people that will give you feedback in return and give you money and give you resources and give you help. So you build a completely different system. So cut out the self-destructive.

You need to be looking for it, figure out who’s doing it, and cut the ties. Minimize the contact, spend your time with those that are energetic, that you want to be like. Look for those opportunities, start moving your time. Cut out the self-destructive; don’t support it.

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