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How to Use the Power of Masterminds in Your Business to Rev Up Your Profits

August 14, 2017 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

R. Shawn McBride recently spoke about working together to increase your business profits.

Hey everyone, Shawn here with you. I want to talk about using the power of masterminds in your business. So we hear so much about pulling teams together, doing masterminds. And a lot of people swear by it. If you look at the most successful people they often pull masterminds together. And if you look at a lot of great online marketers, these people are usually meeting with each other regularly, they’re cross referring to each other, and they’re doing things together. And it works on a smaller scale too. We hear about smaller businesses where the owners come together. They talk about their issues, they bring things together, and they do great things.
So how do we use the power of masterminding in our business? Well, you could join a masterminding group, and I think that’s a great option. A lot of good stuff out there, a lot of great facilitators, and you could also learn about that. But, another way to bring the power of the mastermind back to your organization is to pull together a team of managers or a board of directors. We’ve talked about using boards of directors as part of your continuity planning, and it’s a wonderful item. If you’ve missed those videos or blogs, go check them out and where we talk about using that.
And there are also videos on the R. Shawn McBride public page on Facebook. So dig into those, there are reasons why we want to do that – and that helps us have that continuity if something happens to the owner. Disability, death, and other unexpected life events.
But, how do we pull this together regularly? Well, one of the things we can do is build a board of advisors, these are just a little less formal board of directors. These are people just giving informal advice. They don’t do legal actions on behalf of the company. Or we can pull together a board of directors. People that actually do pull those legal decisions for the company. So we get our choice of which one we want, and how formal we want to make it.
But it can all be custom blended to you and your team. And that’s where someone like myself, another strategy consultant, or somebody with experience in this area, can come in and talk about what custom blend works best for you. You know, and how do you blend these things together. It’s not really hard to implement. The legal documentation can be fairly straightforward once you have your plan together. But the key is to have the plan together and know where you’re going.
So if this is resonating with you, check out the McBride For Business YouTube channel. Subscribe, get some videos there. Learn more about these issues. The R. Shawn McBride public page on Facebook has lots of great videos and training on this. Join our community, be part of our team. And let’s talk more and more about these issues, and let me know how I can help you. Reach out to me. Drop me a note, let me know what I can do for you, what issues you’re facing. I would love to help you. There is a business evaluation checklist at mcbrideforbusiness. You should really check it out, it’s going to help you make sure you’re doing the right things for your business. Signing off for now, R. Shawn McBride. Looking forward to seeing you soon on a future video. Check me out soon.

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