“Really enjoyed the session on the importance of
planning. I was “Wowed” by what you are doing and
some of the out of the box thinking that you are doing.”
Bill Simmermon, Wealth Preservation Advisor at AUCTORIS
Architects of Wealth Preservation Strategies
Cynthia J. Bishop, Environmental Attorney at C. Bishop Law
“Great job at making business relevant and entertaining.”

McBride for Business Speaker Series

McBride for Business hosts a monthly Speaker who shares information about business practices that are pertinent to all industries. The Speaker Series is held in the offices of McBride for Business in Dallas, TX. Come join us. Click on th event below for details.


Upcoming Events

Check our page periodically for Upcoming Events

Past Events

02/08/17 Putting Your Best Foot Forward in 2017 Presented by: Julie Wakefield
03/06/17 3M Peak Performance Presented by: Brian Dobbs
04/04/17 Celebrating the Advantages of Women in Business Presented by: R. Shawn McBride, Tina O’Bannon, Cheryl Moody, Susan Hamilton, Erin Smith, Claire Billingsley and Lin O'Neill
04/12/17 Sales and Marketing Presented by: Dacia Coffey
05/10/17 Improve Your Health, Without Putting One Foot in the Gym, So You Can Build Your Business Empire Presented by: David Shiring
06/14/17 Creative Disruption For Small And Medium Size Enterprises – The Top 10 Creative Disruption Technologies Presented by: Phillip Andrews
07/12/17 5 Ways to Super Profits Presented by: Sean Schoenmakers
08/09/17 Revving Up Your Client Growth Engine Presented by: David Rose
09/13/17 The Secret Sauce to Grow Your Business Presented by: Betty Garrett
10/11/17 Chamber of Commerce – Plaque on the Wall or Source of Revenue? Presented by: Jeff Klein
11/08/17 Taking It All the Way – When Playing It Safe Isn’t An Option Presented by: Susan Hamilton
12/13/17 Art of Business Transfer Presented by: Alex Vantarakis