“Really enjoyed the session on the importance of
planning. I was “Wowed” by what you are doing and
some of the out of the box thinking that you are doing.”
Bill Simmermon, Wealth Preservation Advisor at AUCTORIS
Architects of Wealth Preservation Strategies
Cynthia J. Bishop, Environmental Attorney at C. Bishop Law
“Great job at making business relevant and entertaining.”

Putting Your Best Foot Forward in 2017

Presented by Julie Wakefield

We are always being judged. Whether we are meeting face to face with someone or communicating on the phone or through email, our image is an important part of communicating our values and building trust with others. Julie Wakefield is an experienced protocol and etiquette consultant who works with business professionals to promote confidence in both business and social settings. Putting Your Best Foot Forward in 2017 will highlight three important tips for maintaining one’s professional image and gaining trust with clients.

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Julie Wakefield, a sought-after public speaker, is a Dallas-based business protocol and etiquette expert. She is certified by the Protocol School of Washington, a nationally accredited institution that is helping even the U.S. government to see improved job performance among federal employees.

Julie also holds degrees in education and business. Early in her career she focused on marketing and small business training. She then spent 15 years working with students as a classroom teacher and principal. When coaching business executives now, Julie helps them to identify business image pitfalls such as inappropriate use of technology, communication barriers, and networking mishaps.

But whether she’s talking to students or seasoned employees in corporations and nonprofit organizations, Julie’s key message is this: a person’s career success depends on their ability to earn the trust and cooperation of others.

Julie shares that research has proven these soft skills are critical. “The market place is so competitive today that people can’t afford missteps,” says Julie. “I get immense satisfaction from helping people to identify issues that could—or are—holding them back from the success they want.”

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WHEN:February 8, 2017 8:30 am
FACILITATED BY:McBride For Business, LLC

The Bill J. Priest Center

1402 Corinth Street, Suite 2002

Dallas, TX 75215

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8:30 – 8:50 am – Networking

8:50 – 9:50 am – Presentation

9:50 – 10:10 am – Networking

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You may attend for Free, but you must sign-up in advance. You may tell your friends about this event.  However, they must sign-up and get their own tickets: here


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