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Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

October 30, 2017 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

Are you thinking about tomorrow, or are you just trying to get through today? At McBride for Business, we talk about analyzing trends and figuring out what is going right and wrong. We try to figure out the difference between successful companies and not-successful companies. As we said before, the differences are subtle, but they can be very clear.

One of the themes we see with the successful companies is that they are looking beyond today. They are looking for tomorrow’s trends, how they can better service their clients, what the economy is doing, how technology is changing things, and what role they are going to play in the long- term economy. In other words, how they can evolve. The less-than-successful companies are focused on getting the customers out the door. They are focused on the process and procedure, the here and now. They are not thinking about the future or how things should be or how things should evolve.

Kodak is the most extreme example, as we discussed in a prior blog. Kodak was so focused on doing what they had always done, making traditional cameras and film, that they were not looking to tomorrow. They did not realize that digital would change the world and would eliminate the demand for their products—their source of profit for over 100 years.

How are you looking forward in your company? Are you looking to the future, or only looking at today and how to make the current problems go away? Think big. Evolve, or else the world is going to evolve and you are not going to keep up.

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