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Don’t Baby Your Employees

October 5, 2017 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

R. Shawn McBride recently spoke about giving your employees responsibility.

Hi, folks, Shawn here with you, to talk about an important thing. Do not baby your employees. This came out of a conversation while talking to the employees of another company. They were starting to lose a lot of morale because they felt like their management was not treating them as professionals. They didn’t feel like they were getting the full responsibility to do things. We need to walk a very fine line here.

We, as managers, don’t want to take too much responsibility for our employee’s projects. We want them to have a sense of ownership and completion. This is very, very important for engagement. We also don’t want to fall into a trap, where employees are constantly coming to us for answers. They need to be independent and be able to figure things out. But we also need to do things correctly, and this is where leadership comes in here. It’s about setting their direction, setting their tone, giving the tools to the employee to get it done. But then when the employee is asking unnecessary questions, we need to question back and allow them to take a leadership responsibility in the work force. We don’t want them to be coming constantly to us to ask for more direction, or more detail, or unnecessary guidance. We really want to set that fine line.

But what we really don’t want to do is treat them like they’re not individuals. We really need to show them, from the beginning, that we treat them as individuals and professionals, and we believe in them. When we do that, they’ll do more, they’ll be more empowered to live their dreams, which in turn engages them and creates a positivity for the organization. We want those employees engaged, and living their mission and doing the things they want to do.

How’s management going at your business? Are you thinking about these kinds of critical issues? If you’re growing a business and you want to do more, you want your business to be very successful, check out my videos on YouTube, McBrideforBusiness, and the R. Shawn McBride fans and audiences page on Facebook. I really want to thank you for taking the time to, it’s hard to think about our businesses and it’s hard to do this introspective work, but it’s so critical and it’s going to provide great dividends for you in the future. Check me out at, let me know if I can help you with some training, maybe a keynote, something for an upcoming conference or event, I would love to be there with you and work with you one on one, do some coaching or whatever you need. And make sure you get your business evaluation checklist at McBride for Business. I’m R. Shawn McBride, I’m signing off but I’ll be talking with you again very soon.

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