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Do What You Love The Money Will Find You

January 5, 2017 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

There’s a lot of people out there that subscribe to the philosophy if you do what you love the money will find you, and I’m one of those. I’ve worked with many entrepreneurs. I’ve had countless conversations with business owners and other successful people, and I keep seeing one theme over and over again. People that focus on what they love, that focus on what they enjoy, that really get great at something, make great money. The opportunities find them. They become uniquely able in the area they’re focused on. Let’s look at some extreme examples on reality shows.

Orange County Choppers ( where they focused on building custom motorcycles – something you wouldn’t think would be a highly valuable skill. But they’ve turned it into a very valuable business because they’re best in class. There’s a similar show where they restore muscle cars in Oregon – Graveyard Cars ( . Same story. Very focused, very intentional in their efforts in a particular area. I’ve seen it on a local level, too. I’ve seen people who love cars who become mechanics and build a following.

People are looking for passion. They’re looking for greatness. How do you get passion and greatness? It’s not something you can fake. You can’t pretend to be passionate about something. You can’t learn and adapt and become highly skilled at something that you’re not truly passionate about, at least not in most cases.

You’re going to have to follow something you love. As you follow something you love, you’ll put the time and energy and the effort into it, and you’ll become greater and greater and you’ll find your calling. The message here is do what you love. Become great at it. Become the best in class. Get absorbed in it and let the market find you. Let others learn how great you are. Obviously, you’ll need to do marketing and other activities so others know what you’re doing (that you exist), but the key is to be great and to do what you love so that you wake up every day and do it better than anybody in the world.

What’s your thoughts on doing what you love? Have you followed your dream path? Have you settled or compromised? Join us in the comments below.

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