Where do you want to be in 10 years?
What do you really want your life to look like?
These are the kind of questions
R. Shawn McBride may ask you,
as one of his coaching clients.


It's not easy today with all competing demands – your friends, your family, and your business colleagues. Add the constant communication through cell phones, social media, email, and everything else. You're probably feeling a bit overwhelmed and you're probably so busy dealing with the day-to-day that you're not thinking about the long-term. You're not building your dreams and visions.

For many of us, our days, weeks, and even our months, are marked by survival. Doing the things, we must do to get through the next bill cycle, get the bills paid, to keep the business afloat for another month, to do the things we've already committed to do. You need an advisor that can stand by your side and wake you up to think about more. An advisor to think about what you can really be, and to help you take consistent actions to accomplish your goals and dreams.

R. Shawn McBride has worked for years with businesses and business owners on helping them get to their dreams. He started his career as a young associate in some of the top law firms in the country, helping businesses execute plans and protect themselves. As time went on, Shawn was called on more and more to help people with their dreams, their values, and with their aspirations. After all, what's the point of having a great plan if you don't know your destination? Shawn now impresses upon all of his clients, the fundamental importance of knowing their destination, where they're going, why they're doing it, and where they really want to be.

Coaching with Shawn can be tough. You're going to have a lot of “aha” moments. You're going to have a lot of times where you're going to have to scratch your head and think. You may feel tired after some of the sessions, but you can do great things. You have amazing capabilities as a human, and Shawn has a way of helping people unlock that, to see their vision, to become motivated and inspired. It's not easy in today's world. Too many people are just blindly going where the current pushes them. Those intentional actors are a rare breed, but they reap a disproportionate number of rewards because the world sees the value that they provide.

What do you really want to be?

How do you want your life to flow?

What do you want to accomplish?

Shawn McBride has a rare blend of business expertise, technical knowledge, but also understanding of the emotional needs of the business person, the career-oriented executive and business owner. He gets the issues that they face in growing their businesses and careers. You'll be well served working with Shawn to help get to your dreams.

Does this sound intriguing?

Are you really ready to go to the next level?

Do you think you can be more?

Are you ready to get to your untapped potential?

If so, let us know

Fill out the form here and get in touch with our team, so we can schedule a discussion with you. We are certainly not a fit for everyone. We're not even a fit for most people, but for those that we can help, we'll alter their lives. Don't worry, we'll tell you if we don't think we're a good fit, we'll help you find an appropriate coach, if we can. We really look forward to talking to you. We hope that we can help some of you, really unlock your dreams and have a completely different life!

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