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What Should I Do If I Get In A Fight With My Partner?

January 6, 2017

We work with a lot of partners to develop a lot of businesses, and unfortunately, that means we’ve see a lot of business fights. And they’re never pretty. At some point, perhaps, you didn’t write the perfect partnership agreement. Perhaps, it didn’t have the flexibility that it needed to evolve over time. Perhaps, maybe you did build a really good … Read the rest

How To Interact With Your Law Firm To Keep Your Costs Down

January 4, 2017

R. Shawn McBride recently published an article to the R. Shawn McBride Law Firm, PLLC Blog on a topic that might be of interest: How to Interact with your Law Firm to Keep Your Costs Down.

He discusses how to minimize costs when working with your attorney.

You can see the full article here.

Make sure you download our free … Read the rest

Key Issues in Partnership Formation

December 19, 2016

Partnerships are complex. Anytime we are involved in the formation of a company with multiple owners, we typically refer to it as a “partnership.” Now, the legal term partnership is different than the concept of partnership for economic purposes. An economic partnership can take many forms. It might be a partnership agreement, it might be an LLC agreement, or it … Read the rest

Are You Asking Outrageously?: We All Need to Reach for More

December 15, 2016

We’ve talked about negotiating for what you want in prior blogs,…thing-5-key-tips/. My friend and fellow speaker, Linda Swindling, is recently emphasizing the point of, “Are you asking outrageously?” She’s done this as a TEDx talk (, and she focuses one of her speeches around it (

Her core message is strong. Are we asking for what we want? … Read the rest

Keys to Protect Your Business: The Laws of Empowerment To Excel in Your Business

November 15, 2016

It’s critical when putting plans together that there be an element of protection. We want to make sure that everybody gets what’s fair and right for their skills and efforts. This often comes down to negotiation and negotiation early in the process. When engaging in any transaction (especially a business transaction), we need to make sure that we’re looking forward … Read the rest

Keys to Planning: The Laws of Empowerment To Strengthen Your Business

November 14, 2016

It’s critical that if you’re going to achieve your goals that you have realistic plans that work. This means connecting the dots. Where are you today and where do you want to be? How do you work backwards from where you want to be to where you are? What intermediate steps need to happen to build the bridge from where … Read the rest

You Can Negotiate Anything: 5 Key Tips

October 17, 2016

Negotiations are all about giving a little and taking a little.  Everyone wants to save face, so be diplomatic.

#1 Research.  Gather as much pertinent information about the issue as possible, before negotiating. In other words, do your homework. You cannot make sensible decisions without understanding the other side’s situation. Negotiators who prepare will outperform those who don’t.

#2 Be … Read the rest

All postings are intended to be planning tools to familiarize readers with some of the high-level issues discussed therein. No posting is intended to be a comprehensive discussion and additional details should be discussed with your transaction planners including attorneys, accountants, consultants, bankers and other business planners who can provide advice for your circumstances. This article should not be treated as legal advice to any person or entity.

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