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Build the A-Team For Your Business

January 6, 2017 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

You have to build the A-Team. If you’re like me and a lot of other business owners, you’ve probably experimented with how to build your teams. What culture works?

I know for myself, when I was early in the process, I had a very loose culture. I tried to be nice, and I didn’t really want to be challenging on my employees because I wanted the employees to like me, and I thought that would lead to more productivity. I’ve talked to many other business owners who have done the same thing. They’ve gone in with a gentle brush, but over time, me and other business owners have learned to be more strict about our culture, to have more control over our culture, to build the teams that we really want, to be the businesses we really want to be. Here are three things to think about when building a strong culture.

# 1 Focus on excellence. If you begin with a strong culture, built on excellence and expect excellent results from your employees, you will get excellent results. That will service clients and make your business stronger, make your business easier to run, and bring a plethora of other benefits.

# 2 Employees will start to self-select. If you’re running a culture of excellence, the employees that cannot meet that standard, the employees that do not want to be excellent, the employees that do not want to service your clients will exit your business, which will create opportunities of openings for others, for employees to advance or for new hires.

# 3 The incoming employees will be trained for excellence. They will know that excellence is expected. They will come into a culture of excellence so it will be a much easier process for them.

It’s key that we build a culture of excellence. It leads to a spiraling effect of better employees, more profits, and better business. It leads to us going to a better place.

What’s been your experience with your culture? Have you always enforced a culture of excellence? Have you attempted to up the level of your game with yourself and your employees? What’s been your experience? Discuss in the comments below.

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