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Why You? Why Would I Do Business With You?

November 20, 2017 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

One of the fundamental questions in business is why your business? What makes you different? We’re moving into a very niche market world. A lot of specialists out there and now more and more we’re coming to what some people call an on demand economy, as recognized by author Dan Pink. People are picking the people they need for the situations they need. Big corporations are bringing in specialized people to do particularized tasks, to do particularized training. They’re not building everything in house. People are getting very comfortable with buying the resources they need on an on demand basis.

This means a lot of smaller and medium sized independent businesses, which might be servicing huge businesses or making their money directly from their consumer base. An important question becomes why you? What makes you different? What is your niche? How are you communicating it?

I’ve been shocked over the years by going to events and asking people what makes them different and they can’t come up with much. Less and less is it able to be geography. I’m the IT guy in this portion of Dallas or I’m the attorney in this portion of Baltimore. You need to have something more. People are looking broader. They’re fine with using the telephone and e-mail but they want to get somebody who’s really great at what they do. So you need to think about your value proposition and what uniquely positions you.

My businesses focus on successful private business owners that have the desire to build companies that stand the test of time. We do that with planning and preparation and protection. Using the elements of The 3 Laws of Empowerment, I’ve come up with a service that’s needed, a market niche that needs it, and a way of communicating it, and a very unique framework for implementing it. That is why we have become more successful over time because people see who we are and they get who we are.

How are people seeing who you are? How are they getting what you do? How are they understanding your business? Think about it. Join us in the comments below.


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