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Who I admire: Tom Allen

June 8, 2017 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

I was recently at an event and asked who I admire, and I named Tom Allen of Opango. I know a lot of people would probably name a celebrity or pick some famous person who they admire. But my feeling is I don’t know many famous people, but I know Tom, and I’ve done business with Tom over the years, and I’ve gotten to like Tom. Tom has some characteristics which I really think are important and they lead me to admire him and the way he does business.

#1 Tom is caring. He cares about others. Yes, business is about the numbers, it’s about doing what makes business sense and it’s about production, but at the same time, there are also people involved. We can care about others, we can help them, even if we ultimately aren’t going to do business with them and even if we’re on different levels. I love the fact that Tom brings a caring attitude to business and business processes.

# 2 Tom is very respectful.  I really enjoy that characteristic about Tom. He respects others. He makes sure that others are listened to and feel like he embraces them. He pays attention. Even if they don’t have a great business or a great business plan, Tom will listen, and he will respect them and their journey, and he understands that people are at different points in their journey. It’s all too easy to fluff off those that aren’t as successful as us, but Tom doesn’t do that. He cares for everybody, including those that are less successful or those that are on a different journey to success.

# 3 Tom is cooperative. He’s always looking for a way to collaborate with others and to create a win-win. It’s not just about Tom. Sure, Tom looks out for himself, sure, he makes some great business deals, but he also looks out for others.

It’s a good exercise to stop and think about who you respect and why. This exercise made me reflect about great people, and there are people other than Tom that I’m blessed to have in my business life, and it makes me focus my attention on these characteristics.

Who’s in your world? Who do you respect and why? What does that say about you and your values and your future? Join us in the comments below and let us know about your experiences, what you’ve seen, and what you’re doing for the future.

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