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The Balance of Imbalance

June 1, 2017 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

If you Google “work-life balance,” you’ll hit a lot of results. Everybody tries to achieve this mythical balance of work and life and making everything fit together. The truth is, a lot of people have figured out that we’re often going to be imbalanced. There are times when the balance will not happen. It really is a long-range view. There are times in a given week, a month, or in seasons of our lives where we must focus on balance. Some entrepreneurs give all their time and effort to their business in the start-up phase, to build something and get it off the ground, and then they find a greater balance because of it.

Maybe you’re in the midst of formal education. That will create an imbalance because you’re focused on schooling. There’s probably financial outlays to pay for your education, and when you combine that with your lack of income during the schooling time, life is out of balance.

My friend Terry Brock, who’s a fellow speaker, (, rides a unicycle. He makes a point that when he’s riding his unicycle, he’s often out of balance. He’s not perfectly where he needs to be. He mentioned the lack of balance in a recent Facebook Live, and I recommend you check it out.

We all struggle with this concept of balance and what we do. Expect it to be a long-term deal. There’s never going to be a perfect balance. There’s no perfect balance when you ride a bicycle. One online personality took a bicycle and hooked up the handle bars backward so that when the rider turned left, the bicycle went right, and vice versa.  It took a long time to retrain his brain to ride that bicycle. The point is: When he was experimenting with it, the bicycle was out of balance. There were times when he was going in the right direction, there were times he wasn’t. When you’re riding a bicycle, you’re constantly out of balance and constantly adjusting. This is life.

You’re going to be constantly out of balance. Things are going to come out against you. You’re going to have to adjust. There’s going to be moments of clarity and direction, and everything’s going to be working perfectly, and there’s going to be moments when nothing’s working. But you have to embrace the process, the lack of balance and know that you’re getting where you want to go. You want to have that big picture.

What’s your long-term plan? In The 3 Laws of Empowerment, we talk about making plans that last and that really work. Part of the three laws is the law of protection, knowing that you’re going to have to protect yourself from those difficulties that are going to come along and that imperfect things are going to happen.

What are you doing to create longer-term balance in your life? How are you making sure that you’re balanced for the future? Join us in the comments below and let us know about your thoughts and experience.

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