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Taking Chances

April 21, 2017 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

R. Shawn McBride recently spoke with Miranda Zintgraff about taking big chances. Here is the transcript:

R. Shawn McBride: Hey friends. R. Shawn McBride here with you live. I’ve got my friend Miranda Zintgraff here who has just taken huge chances. So, we’re talking about taking big chances, a thing I love to talk about in business and planning. She’s just jumped off into a whole new business world, so I love it. I love this kind of risk-taking. You want to tell us a little bit about what you’ve done and where things are going for you?

Miranda Z:  Sure, thank you. I’m excited. This is my first Facebook live and I’ve been wanting to do this for a while. So thank you for inviting me on.

Shawn McBride: Absolutely.

Miranda Z: Hello to everybody. I am a stay-at-home mom. I have three children. I am a single mom and I was with the same company for six-and-a-half years. I was with that company for a lot of different reasons. I really aligned with everything that they believed in, their core values, and it allowed me to be able to stay home with my kids. Now that I’m a single mom it is really important to me to be able to still have that time freedom, but I needed a little bit different income. I needed more out of my life and I realized that in order to do that I was going to have to make some changes and to take some big risks, as you’re saying.

Risk-taking can be very scary. But then you really sit down and think about life and just be still and let your inner guidance guide you. For me, I believe that that comes from God. I know everybody has different beliefs but when I really got still about what I was supposed to do I felt led to completely go in a different direction with another company. I just completely walked away from the company that I was with for six-and-a-half years and was very committed to. I took a huge leap of faith. It really feels like I kind of stepped off the edge of a cliff, to be honest. I’m just going for it. If you don’t take risks then how do you keep moving forward?

R. Shawn McBride: Right.

Miranda Z:  It looks like we have technology issues. I don’t know if I’m frozen but you’re frozen.

R. Shawn McBride: Making the . . .

Miranda Z: Computer glitz. You’re still frozen on my end. Now you’re back.

R. Shawn McBride: The joys of technology. Tell me about how you went about this process and how you decided to jump into this.

Miranda Z: I really feel like when I was ready for the change it just came to me. It wasn’t something that I was necessarily seeking out. I knew that I wanted a change but I think when you really, again, are in line with your core beliefs and values and what you really want out of life I think opportunities present themselves to you. That’s what happened in my case. I wasn’t looking for something different. I knew I needed the change and I knew what I wanted out of life and out of the opportunity I was looking for, but I wasn’t seeking anything out at the time. It literally just fell into my lap. So when it did it was a difficult decision but it was one that I knew that I had to make.

R. Shawn McBride: I just talked to a group recently about building a plan for your visions and where you want to go. It sounds like you’ve got that going on behind the scenes, right? You know what you want your life to look like, which makes it easier to make decisions. True?

Miranda Z:  It is true. I think about this a lot. I think a lot of times people kind of play it safe and are scared to take risks. I think that’s human nature because we’re born with our parents taking care of us, telling us what to do and where to be and when. We go to school it’s the same thing. You have to be there at a certain time, do certain things. Go to college, same thing and get a job. Largely, when you have a job that you go to, somebody else is telling you when to be there, when you can leave and what you’re supposed to be doing. I think a little bit differently.  I think most entrepreneurs do because we want a different life and we want to create something different for ourselves, which takes a really big vision and a really big belief.

Absolutely, I know what I want. I know what my goals are — income goals, lifestyle goals, goals of putting my children first and my friends and family first and all of that. Then, fitting in everything else around that because what’s most important in life are relationships.

We’re having technology issues again. You’re freezing again on my end. There you go. Well, you’re frozen.

R. Shawn McBride: This technology has not been amazing today.

Miranda Z: That’s okay. Life doesn’t always work amazing does it? But, you know what? That’s —

R. Shawn McBride: You’re going to have problems. You’re going to have hiccups along the way. That technology is giving us some to deal with.

Miranda Z: Exactly. I think the most successful people are the ones who can just push forward no matter what happens in life. I think everybody in life gets beat down and some people more than others. It’s all in the way that you handle things and how you move forward.

R. Shawn McBride: Yes. Early on there was a part of me that wanted everything to be perfect in life. I had this vision that you could have everything perfect. But I think the real world teaches us that’s not the case and nothing is perfect. You evolve, you know? It sounds like you hit a point of evolution. You were at the business that you loved. You were in a good spot but you needed to evolve to something bigger and different.

Miranda Z: Definitely. I think that in life if we’re not growing and learning and moving forward, or just even being complacent or comfortable, then you really start to go backwards.

R. Shawn McBride: Right.

Miranda Z:  We have to continually grow. I was in a place where I was comfortable but then it started to get a little more uncomfortable for different reasons. Mainly financial and just having the responsibility of three children and being on my own. I think that sometimes it takes people just getting really uncomfortable to really be able to create that change.

R. Shawn McBride: You found a bigger desire because you want your life to look a certain way, to jump out and do something new.

Miranda Z: Definitely. I think finding a mentor in these situations and somebody that you can really learn from is really important. Again, that just kind of fell in my lap and I carefully thought about it for quite a while, longer than maybe I should have. But that’s what happens with life and with risk-taking.

R. Shawn McBride: Sometimes you need to think about it a lot. Sometimes you know immediately. You’ve just got to go with your gut and you’ve got to develop the business as you go. Tell people a little bit about what you’re doing now and why you’ve jumped into this.

Miranda Z: Six-and-a-half years ago, I was in pretty bad health after having three children in four years. That’s when I really started getting onto this path of living a more natural and holistic life. Most recently what I’ve discovered are essential oils. I’d never tried them before. I didn’t know a lot about them. The first time I used them I put them on and I felt amazing. I already thought I felt good. I’d been working on my health and my nutrition for quite some time, but I started using these oils and just having absolutely amazing results and discovering the therapeutic qualities that they have. Sharing that is just such a gift. Sharing with other people and helping them to live a natural lifestyle is very important to me.

R. Shawn McBride: Where are you in the business? I know you’re developing. I know you’re looking for some people possibly to work with over time. Why don’t you share a little bit about that?

Miranda Z: I love to partner with fun, outgoing, motivated dreamers like me. There is nothing more fine, just like you and I connected. This bigger vision and purpose of reaching more people and helping more people to live a better life. I’m absolutely looking to partner with people. Empowering single parents like me to know there is a way that you can take care of your kids and live the life you want and have the income you want and have purpose in life.

R. Shawn McBride: Right, exactly. How do people get a hold of you if they want to talk a little more about what you’re doing, if they’re interested?

Miranda Z: The best way to get ahold of me right now is through Facebook. I am working on a new webpage and a new Facebook business page as well. Probably my personal page is the best way so I’m not putting my phone number out here on Facebook live.

R. Shawn McBride: All over the internet and Facebook live. Your phone starts ringing —

Miranda Z:  It’s not hard to find me if you Google me but probably right now Facebook is the best way.

R. Shawn McBride: Excellent. Let’s visit on this again at some point. Hopefully the technology will cooperate a little more with us next time and it will go a little smoother. I love what you’re doing. I’d love to get an update here soon about how things are going and see where things are and how we can get more people plugged in to living the life they want to live. That’s the theme of everything I do. Thank you for joining me. I hope your first Facebook live was okay.

Miranda Z: I loved it. I look forward to connecting again and to connecting with all of the people out there who also want to live this lifestyle that we live and just have a better life. Thanks so much.

R. Shawn McBride: We’ll talk soon. Everybody out there feel free to reach out to Miranda Zintgraff. I think she’s got some good stuff going on. See if you have a connection there. All right, talk to you soon.

Miranda Z: Talk to you soon. Bye.


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