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Here’s an exercise that works for me. It was introduced to me by Steve Hendon, my coach. My business coach.

Steve, whose company is Practice to Business, talks a lot about doing the right things to attract the right people to your business. This is the strategic attraction process. It’s an interesting concept, and it’s been very powerful for me to use the idea to grow my business. One of the exercises Steve puts me through is for me to think about my ideal client, and what my ideal client wants and expects.

I know my ideal client. I know what I can do for the client. But I’m taking this knowledge to another level when I ask, “What does my ideal client expect? What would my ideal client want me to do?” I get another level of understanding. I learn more. I understand deeper what’s going on in the business.

You can use this exercise in your business too.

When Steve and I work through the exercise, I’m thinking about my ideal client: A successful, private business owner who wants to build a business that’s going to last, that’s going to bring wealth to generations to come. When Steve asks me to think about how the client would act and react in certain circumstances, I begin to see ways to get through some traps.

For instance, I often think in terms of responsiveness because I was trained to respond quickly, to return phone calls promptly, and to read and reply to emails immediately. How quickly do I respond to my clients? While I still want to return calls and respond to people, I’ve learned that’s not my best value added. My clients want my strategic thinking. They want to know how I’m working through things. They want my outside perspective and thought leadership applied to their business and their situation. That’s my higher value added.

My ideal clients are thinking long-term too. They expect me to be learning, to be engaging with other clients, and to be expanding my knowledge and expertise. That way, when they need me, even if I don’t pick up the phone the instant they call, when I call them back, I’ll be an asset. I’ll be able to do things that other people can’t do because I’ve been doing things differently. That’s what my ideal client expects, and realizing that is very powerful because it allows me to shape my day. I can think differently about how I spend my time because I want to attract the correct clients and I know what the correct clients want. If the client wants me to answer the phone or respond to an email immediately, I’m not being the thought leader. I’m not doing what the client needs me to do.

What’s your experience with clients? Have you thought in terms of strategic attraction and how the way you behave is interconnected with what your clients expect? It’s a very powerful concept. Join us in the comments below and let us know your thoughts. If you want to reach out to Steve Hendon, he’s at

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