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Speaking to Your Tribe, Finding Your Target Audience

November 21, 2017 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

I think one of the big mistakes that a lot of businesses make is they try to speak to everyone. They try to talk to all kinds of different parties, rather than speaking to the people that truly get them. The journey of my career has led me into doing professional speaking, while still providing attorney services and also business strategy. On the speaking journey, it’s been very interesting and I’ve gotten to meet a lot of speakers, and speakers are often great experts at communication.

I spend a lot of time and attention understanding dynamics, how people work together and how to communicate. An interesting point has come up from a lot of the speakers that are applicable to a much broader business audience than just the speaking world. A lot of speakers will talk about speaking to their audience, about how when they’re giving a speech, even to a room of hundreds of people, they might only be connecting with a handful. After all, we’re moving to an age of mass communications that are highly individualized. There are channels for all kinds of different interests, and now with the internet, there are internet web pages and different delivery systems to where you hit very very small markets. So when you’re speaking to a large room, in actuality you might only be speaking to a handful of people, people that are members of your tribe, people that get your message, and you want to tailor your message to speak to those people because that’s where your synergies is, that’s who you can serve and that’s who you get along with.

It’s great to try and get a standing ovation from an entire room and maybe once in a while you capture lightning in a bottle because you get the right audience and the right situation and you super connect with them. But many times in today’s day and age, when you’re speaking to a large group of people, you’re going to connect with some better than others.

Who’s your tribe? How is your message tailored to them? You need to think in terms of who are you serving and how you get the message to them and then, in the best of all worlds, you speak at conferences and events who service customer bases in the broader business sense that match what you do extremely well.

What’s been your experience with your business? Have you found your niche your business? Are you truly speaking to your tribe? Join us in the comments below.

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