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Produce Results – Don’t Just Do

April 4, 2017 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

The modern economy has changed. Today people are interested in results. We talked in earlier blogs about selling a transformation and how that’s what people want to buy (…-you-are-selling/). It’s largely an output economy: it’s about what you can do and what you can produce.

It’s not about how much time or effort it takes you. We’re all about efficiency, and the automation trends have driven this principle home. Each of us can do more to automate the world that we’re in and to be efficient. From our client’s perspective, the more we automate, the more efficient we are, the more results we can deliver in less time, the better.

There used to be a day when, in a lot of professions, people were paid based on inputs, the number of hours spent. Doctors, lawyers, others would be compensated based on the amount of time they spent on activities. Nowadays it’s about getting the result. How much to produce the result, not how long to produce the result – these are the key questions in the modern economy. We need to shift our thinking based on this.

We, as business people, need to be focused on getting as much done as efficiently as possible. We don’t need to talk about our inputs to our clients. They simply don’t care, and it doesn’t matter what inputs are there. What matters is what outputs and transformations we can deliver.

Sometimes the inputs are now capital-intensive or systems oriented, so there may be a lot of time and effort to go into building systems to deliver a solution in a short period of time. These are the types of business decisions we need to make. How do we build systems and processes? How do we get unique knowledge and expertise? How can we deliver our transformation as efficiently as possible to our clients?

Our clients really don’t care how much “do” we do. What they care about is how much results we produce.

The question is, “are you living in a result or an input-based economy?” I hope it’s the former and not the latter.

What’s your experience? How have you transformed your company into a results-based company? How has this impacted you and your customers? Join us in the comments below and let us know.

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