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Picking the Right Coach

May 8, 2017 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

R. Shawn McBride recently spoke about steps to choosing the right coach for your business. Here is the transcript:

Hi folks, R Shawn McBride with you here live, talking about how do you pick the right coaches for your business? Now, this is something that I can talk to you about because I’ve hired a lot of coaches. I’ve had a lot of people help me in my success, help me get where I’m going and recently, people came to me and asked how do I hire the right coach? They really wanted advice on picking the right person. So I thought about it a little bit and with my experience of hiring so many coaches helping me, and of course now I do some limited amount of coaching of other people, I have some strong views on this.

Now, one of the questions asked is this coach certified or do they have the stamp of approval from some organization? Now this is a very good idea to think about whether that coach is credible. It helps some. It basically means that you’ve been able to follow their formula and gone through their course. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re a great coach, doesn’t mean that they meet certain quality standards, but we really have to look at the certifying organization to understand whether the certification of that coach means anything, so you wanna look at that.

Second thing you want to think about when you’re hiring a coach is really what have they done? What’s their track record? What’s their life history? What’s their background? What’s their experience? Who are they and why are they a coach? Have they gone through transformational change? Have they done it in the past? Sometimes a coach is a retired executive and they may understand how to build a business but not want to take all the responsibilities of being an executive. That type of person may make a great business coach for you because they can have insights and ideas, but maybe they just aren’t doing it everyday.

What you’re not looking for is a coach who’s never done it before, right? You’re don’t want somebody who’s read a book, went to a coaching class and now they’re a coach. You want somebody that’s been there, done that, has the experience, and seen it. The other thing you wanna understand is what are their results? This is about talking to clients. Me personally, I wanna talk to that coaches past clients and I wanna see what they’ve done for them. I really wanna know that they’ve been successful and that they’ve truly helped folks succeed in the business and done what they think they can do.

Some people will post testimonials on their websites, they’ll have email testimonials, they will have snippets. Certainly I have those on my website, but if somebody that I was truly interested in coaching asked me for a personal referral, I could let them talk one on one with one of my clients or maybe more. You should be looking for the same from your coach when you’re evaluating them. Who have their past clients been? What have they done for those past clients? Videos are great, online testimonials are good, but you really wanna talk to somebody who’s been through the experience and see whether that person did it and what’s the relationship?

The fourth thing you wanna look at with a coach is what’s your relationship? How do you interact? You interact differently with different people. Some coaches are a good fit, some aren’t, and it really depends on you and your style, and you really wanna look at that.

Fifth thing, trust your gut. Does this person feel like a great coach or does it feel like somebody who’s pushing things upon you. You really wanna think about that. So, those are some basic tips for picking a coach.

I’ve hired a lot of coaches over the years. Speaking, business, different people have helped me in all kinds of aspects in my business, marketing, et cetera, so coaches are all around. They are great to have. The best athletes have coaches. We business owners and people developing businesses need coaches as well, so nothing wrong with getting a coach. We just want to make sure we get the right ones. We wanna evaluate them.

Now, if you’re looking to develop your business, particularly legal, get into some authority work, and really redefine your life, if you’re looking for that kind of coach, that is coaching service that I personally offer. Not here to push, but it’s available, you know, for a certain limited number of clients, but if you’re out there looking for your coach and struggling, post some comments. Let me know how I can help you and let me know how I can work through the system with you and what questions you’re having because we’ll try to get some more content directed to you. So check me out,, has some great blog entries about how to run and manage and build your business. You probably wanna check that out.

Of course, check me out, www.RShawnMcBrideLive. Look forward to talking to you all again soon. Let me know what’s bothering you and what you need to know. We’ll get more content like this. This was a response to a viewer request so check us out on YouTube, follow our channel, see what we’re doing, and let us know what you want and I will post content in response to some questions. Thank you.

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