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Perfectionist Are Everywhere

December 16, 2017 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

R. Shawn McBride recently spoke about perfectionist and how it affects your business.

Folks, Shawn here with you. Talking about a very important issue about the reality of business, and it’s perfectionism. You know in a theoretical world, everything would be perfect. And there’s a lot of people out there that pride themselves on perfectionism.

If you grew up in an academic circle you probably were faced with perfection. Everybody wants to be perfect. Everybody wants to do things the right way. And you’re often graded for that. So those of us who were successful in school that got high marks, often we’re striving to be perfect. But in the real world, it’s about results and delivery and getting things done. And perfection often can be your enemy because it may not be the number one priority.

What are the priorities of your business and your clients? A lot of times people just want things done and they want them done well and they want them done successfully. And those that are fighting for perfection, trying to get everything absolutely amazing, are missing another key element which might be a deadline or other factors to be considered. They’re missing the big picture.

So, are you focused on a tree and not seeing the forest you’re in? And the perfectionists are everywhere. They’re going to criticize you. They’re going to look at an online video like this and tell you that there’s too much light on your glasses. But, people are getting great information from my videos and I get positive feedback. I get some negative feedback, but I don’t focus on perfection. I focus on giving you the information you need.

And similarly, when you’re running a business, you want to get the information you need or the product or service you’re delivering to your customer, and you don’t want to focus on trying to get everything absolutely perfect if it’s not critical. Yeah, if you’re delivering a product, it needs to meet certain specifications or measurements, you’d better darn do that. But if the packaging is not perfect or the bubble wrap doesn’t look right in the box, you’ve still delivered what the customer needs and you’re adding tremendous value. Focus on your value drivers.

What are you doing? We’ve talked before about captured power. Here’s another instance. What is your greatness? What is your value added? Put your attention there. Get that value added across and don’t worry about the tangential details because it could hold you back so much, it could harm you in business. So, focus on the big picture.

Focus on what you’re doing. Focus on your value drivers. Don’t let the perfectionists bring you down because they will tear your business down. If you spend too much time on perfection, you’re not going to get the market. You’re not going to capture opportunities. You’re not going to please your customers, and you’re going to struggle in business. So, do it right. Do it well. Make sure you do get your value drivers down but don’t focus on perfection-unimportant areas.

I’m R. Shawn McBride. Are you a successful private business owner looking to take the business to the next level? Check out the McBride for Business YouTube channel. Subscribe. Like our videos. Let us know how we’re doing. Write over to me. Let me know what I can do for you. The R. Shawn McBride Fans and Audiences page on Facebook, great opportunity to interact with me and others that are similarly-minded. Join our group. Let me know how I can help you. Would love to come out and do some one-on-one consulting with you or maybe speak at that next conference or event. Recommend me to the conference organizer. I’ll come. I’ll speak. I’ll plant great seeds of value for you and your attendees. We’ll take your businesses to the next level. I’m R. Shawn McBride. I’m signing off but let me know how I can help you. Reach out to me. I will talk with you again very soon.

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