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Not Enough Hours in the Day: Join Us for Tips to End This Feeling

December 27, 2017 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

R. Shawn McBride recently spoke about how to make the most of the hours you are given daily.

Hey everyone, Shawn here with you, how are you doing? I am really excited to talk to you today about time. You know, it’s been a popular topic, I really didn’t realize how much interest there was in getting time under control until it accidentally came to me. I was asked by a conference to speak about time and time management, and it was something that really wasn’t on my radar. I wasn’t thinking about the fact that how many people were struggling with it, and how fundamental it is to building and executing your business plans, right?

We talk about business planning as one of the things I do. I help successful private business owners build companies that stand the test of time. If you’re going to do that, you need to manage your time. That is one of the biggest challenges out there these days.

So, here I am today to talk to you about managing your time, doing more of what you want to do, and the ways you want to do it, and one of the biggest things we hear now that I’ve talked about this, now that I’ve written issues about time, is people say there’s just not enough hours in the day. So, how do we combat that feeling, and how do we get to the next level to make sure that we are being effective managers of time, and we are doing the things we need to do to build the lives that we want to build, to be the people we want to be.

So, what is the trick, what is the answer to where we constantly feel like we’re out of time? We’re being bombarded by society, right? Everybody wants stuff now. Instant Messaging, Facebook Lives popping up, our demands, people calling, texting, tweeting, it seems like every day, there’s another channel of communication – ways that people are ringing us on the phone. I mean, constantly, always something’s happening, and how do we deal with this feeling? And how do we make sure that we are being effective team members and managers of time?

Well, one thing to know is that we all feel like that there are not enough hours in the day. And we all feel like we could be doing more. And so, we got to know this is natural, and this is part of who we are, and part of society and I imagine that farmer back in the 1800’s, living on the prairie, not having a car, not having places to travel to, also felt like they were out of time. And, it goes all the way back into history, and I’m sure the caveman probably felt like they didn’t have enough time to go out and hunt and do all the things they wanted to do, to gather, to join, to go out and find people. So, how do we deal with it?

Well, the first thing we need to know is we’re not going to have more hours in the day. Regardless of what any of us do, we will never create more hours in the day. We have a finite number of hours, we only have so much work we can get done in a day, and then we’ve got to add on all the other things that we need to do. Of course, we have to eat, we have to sleep, we have to bathe – hopefully, we’re bathing every day. We want to do a lot of stuff in a day, and there’s only so many hours, and what this leads to everybody saying is, there’s just not enough hours in the day. But, what it really means, when we dig below the surface, when you’re saying I don’t have enough hours, there’s usually a core problem, which is, there are too many commitments for the amount of time. When we’re saying we don’t have enough hours in the day, what we’re really saying is, we’re having a hard time picking what we want to do. We didn’t really have a true plan for the day, or we didn’t execute on that plan for that day.

It would be interesting to me to know whether your problem is planning or execution. Is your problem more about I didn’t have a plan? Or I didn’t execute that plan, things happened. There’s usually a whirlwind of activity at every given day and every given week. Unexpected calls, emails, things happening in your business, things happening in your personal life. You know, hurricanes come, different challenges come, and we’re all dealing with these things, and they throw us off our schedule and make us feel like there are not enough hours in the day, like we can’t do enough. So, what we want to do, is have solutions for that. We want to know what we’re going to do to deal with the fact that there are not enough hours in the day, and that means prioritizing.

Now, in “It’s About Time,” I talk about a principle base of time management, right? It’s not about any one system. I think this is the biggest mistake that so many people have made, and other people that have pitched time management, is there’s some simple formula. Do it this way, and you’ll get all your time back and you’ll be so happy. Call this many people per day, do this many emails, do this every morning for 15 minutes, write down everything you want to do. These are all great tips, there are lots of great tips for how to manage your time, but the problem is, none of them are authentic to every person. Every person has different needs, wants, and demands. And we need to build time management systems which are authentic to us, and to what we want to do, and the lives we want to live.

So, I challenge you to think, if you’re saying there are not enough hours in a day, the problem is probably the priorities, and are you truly understanding what’s important to you? Part of the value is what is important to you as a person? Do you want to spend time with your children? Do you want to be able to call your parents twice a week, or whatever the magic number is for you? What are the important things that you want to do? I’d start building with that and understand those.

Then, from a business perspective, so many of the business people that are frustrated with not enough hours a day, is because they’re having struggles with their things. Somebody once told me, that when we feel like we’re out of time, or when we’re working more hours, we’re cheating in business because we should only be working a normal number of hours, whatever that is. And, one way a lot of people mask inefficiency, I’ve found, is they work more hours, and that’s not necessarily the right answer. Working more hours is not always the best answer because it means you may not be efficient in the things you’re doing. The client development activities that you’re doing, the work that you’re completing, if you’re working more and more hours to stay ahead, then you’re probably being inefficient at what you do.

So, the core message here today is, if you’re feeling like there are not enough hours in a day, you’re probably not thinking about your priorities enough, and you don’t have a clear schedule of what you need to do in a given week. So, I want you to stop and think about it, and prioritize what’s important to you. Once you’re prioritized, once you know what’s important, once you know what you want to get done, then we can start talking about building of systems.

Now, we have an offer out there right now for “It’s About Time.” This is not about selling, but it is available now for pre-order. If you pre-order a copy of “It’s About Time,” not only will you get a copy of this book – and in fact, we’ve got some block orders coming in now, people are ordering it for their entire sales organization, so, not only will you get a copy of “It’s About Time” for your use, but you can also join the Time Tribe. The Time Tribe is a very valuable group where we’re discussing time and time-related issues.

So, I’m looking forward to hearing from you, reach out to me. I’m R. Shawn McBride of McBride for Business. You can see me over at the R. Shawn McBride Fans and Audiences page over at Facebook, we also have a very active Twitter feed, @mcbrideforbus, go check it out, join up there. We put a lot of quotes and tips, both things that I see from talking to audiences and business people and others, and, of course, reach out to me, let me know what time management challenges you have, and I hope you buy a copy of the book and join us over at the Time Tribe.

And of course, subscribe to our YouTube channel, McBride for Business. I’m going to talk with you again very soon, looking forward to being helpful to you. Let me know what you need and we’ll be talking again about getting more out to your time.


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