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Metrics: It’s What’s Driving Your Business

February 17, 2017 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

You hear a lot in management theory about measuring. The old saying goes, what is measured is what matters. If you look at a lot of employment data, they’ll tell you that employees often do what is measured, what is looked at. The things that aren’t looked at are often neglected. What you are measuring does matter.

It’s very important that you understand metrics in your business. Now for many small businesses they like to fly by the seat of their pants. They like to have a feeling. “I feel like this is the right thing,” or “I know this, in my gut. I know this, in my instincts.” You need to take it to a higher level if you are going to grow and be better.

As our businesses grow, we’ve added metrics. We’re still not perfect. We’re still learning as we go. One thing is key: we know that measuring what we’re doing gives us feedback on what we’re doing right and what we’re doing wrong. It allows us to refine, it allows us to learn and it allows us to know what we should do more of and what we should do less of. My only regret is I wish we had put metrics in place sooner. I wish we had been measuring the things that mattered sooner – the numbers, the growth and the different aspects of the business.

Now, there’s a lot of things to measure in business these days. With computers and automation, there’s so many different directions you could go. The key is to hone in on a few key indicators of your business. What’s important? What’s key to your business? Start looking at those items and paying attention to those.

Don’t track every metric to begin with. Add metrics over time as you learn about your business and what’s key. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Figure out the why. What underlies the numbers so that you know where to focus your attention.

What’s been your experience with working with numbers and metrics in your business? Where are you at today? Where do you want to be? Join us in the comments below.


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