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Managing Your Time After a Major Disruption (Like a Hurricane)

September 7, 2017 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

R. Shawn McBride and Shannon J. Gregg spoke about planning after a major disruption such as a hurricane.

Shannon: Hey so I’m live here today with R. Shawn McBride. We’re pretty excited getting ready for the radio show tomorrow.

R. Shawn McBride: Yes, we’re here in Austin, Texas. We’re at Bank S & B and actually, we’re going to be appearing tonight and helping some folks with our book “It’s About Time” in their business management but we keep getting a question over and over again.

Shannon: So the question that we keep getting is how do you manage your time after a major event like a hurricane?

R. Shawn McBride: Right so obviously we’re here in Texas, you know, I’m Dallas based and we’ve had a major disruption down in Houston. And a lot of people have asked what do you do about time management when something like that completely wipes everything out? And our advice is the first step is to reassess where you’re at. You know, figure out where you’re at, figure out where you want to go but realistically you need to take inventory. Obviously, your personal safety and security are first. Make sure you have everything under control. Make sure that you have food, have supplies for your family, all the basics. Then we’re going to go back into time management like we would normally do. We’re going to think about what we want to do next. What are our priorities and we’re really going to set our goals and our goals may have shifted greatly because of an event like this.

Shannon: Absolutely. So just to reiterate – take stock, think about where you are now and then think about where you want to go and prioritize those things and really, really focus on your safety. Our thoughts clearly are with everybody in Houston and in the future. We’re really looking with all of our thoughts to everybody in Florida. So, make sure you’re prepared. Make lists because they’re really helpful.

R. Shawn McBride: Yeah and that’s one thing too. I mean obviously, we get the question now after Houston, what do we do? Florida or other places might be affected by the next hurricane or some future event. It’s always good to have ideas about what your plan is. You know, contact numbers, locations where people might go to in a disruption, obviously have emergency supplies on hand. We’re hearing about water shortages and other things in Florida. So, you know, managing your time is important and that’s usually more of a productivity type thing but in situations like this, the number one thing is safety right. Take care of yourself, protect yourself, live for the future and then we can start assessing really what are our goals? Where are we going and where are we going next? This is one of those cases where really being present, making sure that you’re taking care of yourself and your family becomes number one and then everything else. And we certainly feel for all the people that have been disrupted. We’ve seen the horrible pictures. We know a lot of people are preparing for potential emergency down in Florida. So, really, really stick to the basics at this point. Then start thinking bigger and obviously, you know, we’re here to support and help. If you’ve been disrupted by the hurricane, reach out to us. We are willing to help and otherwise, let’s build big things and let’s help each other so we can help others when they need us in the future.

Shannon: Stay safe everybody.

R. Shawn McBride: Alright. Talk to you guys soon.

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