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Managing Millennials: Things to Think About

February 18, 2017 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

There seems to be a growing interest in managing millennials. Millennials are making up a bigger and bigger percentage of the workforce, as our demographics change. Baby boomers and older generations are retiring and newer workers are coming in to take their place.

Millennials have a very unique way of working. As each generation has done before, they bring cultural norms and ways of doing things from their experience in their lives into the way they work in business. There’s no right or wrong way to do business.

Unfortunately, a lot of people have perceived millennials negatively. They’ve attached harsh labels to them based on things they’ve seen because of generational differences. While no one person can be placed in a bucket that accurately describes who they are, we do see certain themes with millennials. There are things that we’re noticing that they do differently.

They care about causes and ideas. They may have different causes and ideas than prior generations, but they’re passionate about things. They want certain things to happen and they want to make a difference. Millennials are much more collective oriented than prior generations. We’ve moved from individualistic generations where we have been focused on the needs of individuals and their well-being to a culture of collectivism where everyone is working together to achieve goals and ends. This is certainly unsettling for some other generations where it was “earn your own way, do your own thing” way of thinking. Now it’s much more of a team based environment. Millennials also want workplaces that reflect them. While they want to work on causes and groups that are bigger than them and do big things, they also want to do it in their way. It’s very much a generation of unique contributions.

How can we leverage this as business owners? How can we do better with using millennials?

Let them be themselves. Millennials inherently get specialization. They get “I’m good at this, somebody else is good at that.” They want to be part of a working team. Allow them to shine at their greatness. Allow them to be what they want to be. Allow them to do the tasks and the things they’re great at so that they can focus their energy there. Don’t force them into the artificial confines of a job description. Get them to be part of a team and to work for the greater whole. This will lead to greater job satisfaction. Keep them focused on the outcome and the message and the purpose and this will keep them engaged and happy.

Let them be part of the cause.  The key to getting millennials into your workforce and moving forward, is to make them part of the cause. Make them part of the team and engage them. Then they will work very hard to accomplish the things that they believe in. If they don’t believe in you and you use a command system of management, millennials aren’t going to respond well.

What’s been your experience with millennials? How have you worked with them? How have you used them to make your organization grow? Join us in the comments for below.

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