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Making Plans That Really Work

April 24, 2017 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

R. Shawn McBride recently spoke about the importance of making plans. Here is the transcript:

Hey there, everybody. R. Shawn McBride here with you live. I want to talk about plans that really work and making plans that really work. If you’ve looked at my videos. If you’ve followed my pages. Maybe you’ve looked at R. Shawn McBride Live. Maybe you’ve been at one of my speeches. Everything I do from the legal work to the business strategy work to the speaking, everything is interconnected in making plans that really work. I’ve spent years studying this. I’ve worked with countless business owners. Everything has revolved around a theme about business plans and making ones that really work. That is my goal and what we want to do. We want to make plans that really work.

How do we do that? What do we need to do? We need to simplify the business planning process. We need to make it easy. We need to break it down for our team. We need to make planning not scary. We need to communicate within our organizations about what the plans are, how they work and what the dynamics are. Once we’ve done that, then we need to execute. We need to watch. We need metrics. We need to make sure the plans are actually happening. It’s not that complicated a process but the key is to break that ice and to do plan.

But, to build a good plan, we need to start from the beginning, which is we need to have a great vision. We need to know where we’re going with the business. Right? It’s wonderful to set up a plan for a two- or three-year tactical thing to get to the next objective. But we need to have that 10-year vision starting with the owners of the business. What do they want? What are their goals? What is happening 10 years from now? And, we’re going to work backwards to make a plan that really works. And then we’re going to implement it throughout the entire organization.

I’m really passionate about this stuff. It’s great stuff. It really can be done. If you’re thinking about building that plan, you need that outside voice, you need somebody to come in and say, “This is how we’re going to do it.” Maybe your employees are very familiar with you. Taking them in a new direction might be a little too much for them, maybe outside your comfort zone. If you need that outside voice to come in there and help your plans really work, I’m here for you. That’s what my team and I do. I can help you through speeches. I can come in and do some custom consulting. There lot of different ways I can help you get those plans in place.

I would love to work with you and your organizations. Start with that 10-year vision. Where are you going? These are my clients, the people who are looking long-range, building a life and a business they love, and then working on ways to get it implemented. I would love to help you. If I can come out and speak to your organization, get that team motivated around the plan, I would love to do so. Something else I enjoy very much is our one-on-one coaching or custom consulting for your organization. Reach out to me. If you’re not familiar with me, if you’re seeing this, check out our YouTube channel, check out my other videos on the R. Shawn McBride fan page. Then reach out to me. Say hello. Let me know who you are. Let me know what issues you’re dealing with so I can get you some future content and, more importantly, maybe we can tailor something for you and your organization to get you where you want to be. R. Shawn McBride signing off. Looking forward to talking to you soon.

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