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Lady Gaga Embraces Her Uniqueness and You Should Too

March 2, 2017 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

Lady Gaga put on an amazing performance at this year’s Super Bowl. She certainly did a great job of wowing the audience, showing new elements we’ve never seen before and capturing creativity. For those that saw her, many were amazed and captivated by what she did. Why was it so amazing, and why was it so earth-shattering?

Lady Gaga is long known for embracing her uniqueness. She’s certainly a different individual, and she shows it in her performances. This uniqueness allows her to get out of the box. It allows her to entertain and inspire others. There’s a certain authenticity when you do something that’s completely yourself because you are showing things that nobody else will think of and nobody else will dare to do.

The question for us, as entrepreneurs, is how are we embracing our uniqueness? What are we doing that’s different, that’s unique, but shows us? The more we show “us”, the more people will be inspired by “us”. Yes, you’re going to break some eggs. Some people are not going to like what they see, but some people are going to love what they see. Those people are going to be attracted to you. If you have a lot of “blah, blah” fans that don’t really care about what you are and have no passion about your product or services, your business is going to struggle to go far. If you have impassioned people, people who understand who you are, you’re going to go farther.

We’re in an era of micro media and micro communications – blogs and small media outlets speaking to certain segments of the population. You need to build your tribe, as we’ve discussed in other blogs ( Being uniquely yourself and embracing your uniqueness like Lady Gaga did at halftime at the Super Bowl is a great opportunity to be yourself and to build your tribe. What are you doing to express yourself? Join us in the comments below and let us know how you’ve expressed yourself, and what you’re going to try in the future to be more of who you are.

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