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Four Basic Steps to Self-Publish Your Book

December 30, 2017 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

When I wrote Business Blunders,  I made the decision to self-publish, which is becoming a popular choice these days. Because of the changes in the publishing industry and the advent of the internet, traditional publishers are struggling to be able to commercialize books. I decided I wanted to own my content and control its distribution.

I went the self-publishing route, which meant preparing the book and getting it ready. A few of the basic steps are as follows:

#1. Hire an editor. A gentleman named Howard helped me prepare the book for publishing.

#2. Upload to chosen platform. In our case, it was Amazon after we set up the book and inserted the graphics.  Initially, Amazon was our primary means of distribution. We uploaded the book so that it could be read both as a Kindle edition and purchased in paperback by CreateSpace.

I was surprised by the number of people who actually ordered paperback copies of the book. Many people later brought those copies for me to sign. CreateSpace offered a discounted rate for authors to get books printed, though they were still a very expensive on a per-copy basis.

#3. Print paper copies of the book. Because we used an outside printer, Howard had to reformat the book to set it up for the requirements of the new printer. They were able to physically print books at a much cheaper rate per book than CreateSpace. This allowed me to stock my shelves for book signings and to provide courtesy copies for my best clients.

#4. Commercialize the book. Since I did not have a traditional publisher, there was nobody out there letting the world know about my book. That became my job.

I had to do more writing, make more public appearances, which I was already doing as part of my speaking career,  and I also had to think about how to get my name out in the world. I did more blogging, and more articles for publications like the Huffington Post, or my own blog.

Self-publishing is not simple, but it does have rewards. I highly encourage you to look at it as an option if you are considering what you want to do next.

Have you had experience with self-publishing? Are you apprehensive about it, does it seem unsettling, is it something you might try? Let us know in the comments below.

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