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Finding Your Blindspot in Plans

July 31, 2017 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

R. Shawn McBride recently spoke about involving others with your plans, to get their perceptive.

Hey everyone, Shawn here with you. Talking about a very interesting issue which is, how do we make our plan stronger? I spend a lot of time talking about planning and we talk about how to build plans. And if you’ve seen my signature keynote, The Three Laws of Empowerment, we talk about preparing, planning and protecting. Really different phases of the planning process. But how do we make our plans really good? How do we test our plans to make sure they truly function the way we think they are?
Obviously, the first step is to do robust planning. Really think about the “what ifs,” consider what’s in there. Well once we come up with our plan, how do we make sure it really works? What I advocate is getting other people involved. The level of the person you get involved depends on the complexity and the technicality of your plans. But for most plans, you’re going to be able to involve other smart people, business-minded people, and you’re going to be able to test their plan. And it’s going to be a five step process.
#1 You want to make sure you have the plan in writing. This is you taking the plan and writing it down and reducing it to a written form. You’re going to find some things right when you write your plan down. You’re going to learn there were some things you missed, some things you can adjust and you’re going to make a better plan.
#2 You want to show it to somebody else.
#3 You’re going to ask them questions. Now, you want to be very careful about how you ask these questions. You don’t want to ask just, do you like my plan? Is this is a good plan? Because people are going to say the socially acceptable thing. Oh yeah, you did good a good job, it’s a good plan, excellent, great work. What you’re going to find out is in reality you have some holes in the plan. So you need to ask, what did you like about my plan? What didn’t you like about my plan? What would you differently if this was your plan? And you’re really going to dive into asking questions. Do you think my plan’s going to work? Really get into detail.
#4 You’re going to revise your plan based on what you learned.
#5 You’re going to repeat this process with either that same person again to fix to see if you caught the holes that they gave you, or with a new person. So it’s a written plan, you’re showing it to others, you’re collecting feedback. Now, of course, you want to make sure if there’s any sense of information there you’re careful about how you share it. But you’re going to share it with others, you’re going get feedback from it. And from that feedback you’re going to revise and update your plan.
So it’s really a methodical plan. But the key to really great plans that really work, is involving others. We do so much more together than we do individually. We talked about coaching and having people help you. Even the greatest people have coaches. You’re not going to be able to think about everything. But other people are going to help you think the things you’re not thinking about. Such a great way to improve your plans.
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And if I can help you, if I can help you in some way, send me a message, let me know what’s going on. If there’s something that’s routine or whatever I’ll do a video for it. If it’s something more complex, maybe we can work something out. I love coaching groups, working one on one with folks, and speaking to organizations. We’re doing training on these things. I want to get plans that really work and there’s some things we can do better than what we’re doing now. So reach out to me and let me know what issues you’re facing and how I can help you and we’ll talk again soon. It’s Shawn signing off, I’ll talk with you all soon.

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