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Deciding for the Undecided

July 7, 2017 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

We all know someone who struggles to make decisions. Little ones or big ones, it doesn’t matter.

Those people are in business, too. We see two camps. We know those who can clearly make a decision and keep moving on the path forward. We know those whose indecision holds them back. When we look at the two camps, we see clear differences in outcomes.

Many of the people in my world are part of my business network. They are prepared decision-makers, which means they truly know themselves. If you know yourself, it’s very easy to prioritize, to know what’s important or not, and to make decisions.

But sometimes I am caught in situations where I’m interacting with people who cannot make decisions. Often, they don’t understand themselves, their business, or their priorities. What do I do? I help them understand themselves by asking good questions and turning the conversation to what is important and why. Even then, though, in many cases, they’re so disconnected from their reality and the overall circumstances that they don’t understand what’s going on. And in many of these cases, I will remove myself. I will volunteer to drop out of the situation because I can help people only so much.

I have a very good set of products and services for people who are in particular situations:

A speaker to inspire people to plan and do more.

Consultant services to help people understand where they are and what they want to accomplish in their business and make plans that work.

Legal services that are geared to certain clients who are doing special things with their partnerships or continuity plans.

If someone doesn’t understand the value of what my services deliver to the world, the gap between us is often too wide for me to bridge for them. I need to let that client go so I can focus my energy on people who understand the value of what I can do for them and their businesses.

What’s your experience with this? Have you wasted business time on people who couldn’t make a decision? How do you work through the process to get to where you want to go? Join us in the comments below and let us know how you’ve worked in these situations in your business.

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