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Corporate America Has Beaten the Creativity Out of You

April 3, 2017 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

There’s one thing I advise aspiring entrepreneurs, who are getting ready to start that first business.  It’s not your fault, but you usually aren’t fully who you are when you start your business.

What does the future look like? This is something entrepreneurs need to consider as they’re building their business. Many of our clients are business owners who are starting a business after other endeavors in life and they’ve been successful in prior rounds. They’ve made money for other people in corporate or business environments.

One thing they need to keep in mind, one thing they need to know, is that corporate America has beaten the creativity out of them. In most companies, through their systems and procedures, ways of doing things, and processes; employees aren’t encouraged to think. They aren’t encouraged to be creative. They don’t bring out that side of themselves.

I believe that all of us are highly creative individuals with great capabilities to innovate and think of new things. It’s just what we are as human beings and we can do more. If you’ve been in the corporate environment for a long time you’ve been in such a structured world and so focused that that creative element probably has been weakened, fatigued, or has almost gone away. But, you can build it back. You just need to keep this in mind as you’re building your business. You want to allow your creativity to flourish. You want to take creative opportunities and let opportunities come to you. Know that your creativity will probably be an upward ascending curve, just like the exponential growth of many businesses.

As you do more and more thinking, and as you allow yourself to get farther and farther away from corporate America and more and more into your entrepreneurial endeavors your creativity quotient should go up drastically. Allow time for this in your business plan. Know that things are going to change. Know that as time goes on you’ll come up with better and better ways of doing things. You may innovate areas that you’d never thought of, so be flexible. Allow for the increasing creativity with time and know that you may be doing more and more as time passes.

What are your thoughts on creativity? Are you an entrepreneur, worried that you may not be creative enough to make innovations? What have you done to foster your creativity? Join us in the comments below and let us know about your experience.


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