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Captured Power and Time

December 19, 2017 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

R. Shawn McBride spoke about your capture power in business.

Folks, Shawn here, with you, talking about the concept of Captured Power and Time. If you’ve been following my materials over at McBride For Business blog or you’ve probably heard me talk about captured power. It comes up in some of my speeches as well.

What is this concept and what does it mean about time? Well, I co-authored a book called “It’s About Time” with Shannon Gregg. It’s a great guide, very quick read, about how to do more with the time you have. It’s really about prioritization and then execution on it. But one of the things that are critical to a business in executing and building a business is what I call “captured power.” It is your central value added. It is what is so strong in your business that everything builds from it.

What are people coming to you for? What value do you add to the world that is so strong everybody needs it? That is your power. That is your economic engine. And from that, whatever we build as that center, as that core, or that process of a business that is so good that people need it. Everything flows from it. And that’s where you build your tangential business and that’s where you really make the money. So we need a strong central economic engine. Some body of knowledge, some product, some service. Something that is very unique. Something that people need. And we build that economic engine and everything circles around it. And that’s where the real value is.

So what are you doing to capture that strength? What is it in your business that people really, really, really need? We start there, and we build out from there. So I use this concept called captured power to get people thinking about what strength, what power, what inner workings are so good in your business that everybody needs it? We need that. If you don’t have that in your business, if you haven’t figured that out, we’ve got a problem. We need to have something that you’re great at, that’s your unique selling proposition. Once we have that, we can build layers upon layers and make plans that really work.

Build those lives and dreams I talk about in The 3 Laws of Empowerment over at So, join me for some more videos. If you’re a successful private business owner not quite sure what that captured power is, trying to bring all those processes together, come on over and check it out. If you have questions on this, write me at R Shawn McBride Fans and Audiences on Facebook. Make sure you check out our videos on McBride For Business YouTube Channel. And let me know how I can help you.

Reach out at And, if I can help you at your next conference or event, let me know. Recommend me to your organization reps. I would love to come sit down and work with you and your groups, your colleagues, and help you do more to get that core of your business going and then build the plans and the dreams that you love. It’s all possible. We can do it all together. I’m here for you. I’m your friend Shawn. Drop me a note at McBride For Business. We’d love to talk to you and know what’s great in your business and how we can take it to the next level. I’m R Shawn McBride. I’m signing off, but I will talk with you again very soon.

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