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Business Lessons from Space Shuttle Launches

May 12, 2018 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

The Space Shuttle Lifting Off

**NOTE:  This is a weekend edition with a lighter tone.**

Ever watch a space shuttle launch?

One of my favorite memories was watching a night launch of a space shuttle in the Florida.

And from that (what used to be) very common event I see a very important business lesson.

One things I always noticed, and I particularly noticed in person, was how slow the space shuttle starts its journey.

According to this NASA article the shuttle velocity starts at only 2.45 meters per second and speeds up to around 29 meters per second at the shuttle is approaching space.

That’s a lot of growth.  A lot of increase.

But the space shuttle can’t start its velocity at the 29 meters per second for a variety of reasons.  It has to grow.

But the initial seconds at 2.45 meters per second are just as important to the journey as the later stages.

It’s the foundation.

We need to keep this in mind as we are growing our businesses or new lines of business. They are going to take time to grow…to speed up…to do the great things.

The slower stages will lay the foundation for the faster parts of your journey.

Just a reminder that things start slow but can do great things from that foundation.

Keep going.  Be patient.

Remind your friends that might be in a moment of struggle of this truth.

When have you been patient in the past for great results?

Let us know.


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