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Are You Waiting for Permission From Others

October 27, 2017 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

R. Shawn McBride recently spoke about not waiting for permission from others and use your instincts.

Hey folks, Shawn here with you. I have an important question for you. Are you waiting for permission from others? Stop. Think. Are you doing what is best for you? Are you doing what’s right for you and your future? Or are you waiting for permission from others? Are you seizing the opportunities that you see in front of you and that you know you should take? Or, are you waiting for others to say it’s okay? I think a lot of entrepreneurs fall into this trap. I know I have in the past, and I know it’s something I need to constantly think about because I need to be true to my entrepreneurial energy. I need to do those things I believe in. Those things I know will work because I have good instincts. And over time, I’ve learned that instincts are good. And I know what will be accepted by the market and what people need. And if I listen to those instincts, I’m able to do great things. But if I wait for others to endorse it or to approve it, they don’t see the things I see. They don’t know the things I know, and from talking to other entrepreneurs I see other people make this mistake too. So I want to wake up your thinking.

Are you stopping and waiting for permission from others? Or are you truly doing the things you need to do, that you believe in? Are you following your passion? Are you following your insights and your heart? Or are you sitting there waiting, cowering for others?

One of the reasons we’re entrepreneurs and one of the reasons we add tremendous value, is we see things that others don’t see. We do things in our business that others are afraid to do. We go in strong directions. You know, we go and open a new line of business when other people don’t see that possibility there.

We learn and get constant feedback. We get this information other people don’t have because we experiment and we test. Are you waiting for permission for others, or are you stepping out? Test every decision that you have against that metric. Think about that constantly. Do you have a friend that struggles with this? Are you watching another business, waiting for permission from others when they should be acting? Send them this video, challenge them. Tell them to step up their game.

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