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Are You Talking To Me

October 6, 2017 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

R. Shawn McBride recently spoke about concentrating what’s important in business.

Yo, you talkin’ to me? Did you say that about me? Is that what you said? Yeah, this is not the way I normally start a video, but this is what I heard the other day. I was walking down the street, somebody yelled something to somebody. Next thing you know, the person across the street is responding, yelling back, “Yo, are you talking to me? What are you saying? “Is that meant for me?” And they were ready to go at each other. And it really made me stop and think, you know we need to pick our battles we engage in.

I talk about a business front, we’re business people. We got to pick where our priorities are, and here it is in everyday life, we see people battling over unimportant stuff. If somebody calls me a name these days, I just walk away. Why do I care? It’s their problem. It is not my problem. It’s their issue. So, in business, we need to learn the same thing. And this comes out many times. Sometimes people are just upset because they’re upset. Customers will get mad because they’re mad. People will be disappointed because they’re disappointed. People will expect perfection because they’re unrealistic. This is going to happen again and again.

We need to strive and do great things for our customer. We need to talk to our tribe, build our teams, and do excellent value for our customers. We talked about that again and again and again in these videos and our businesses. It’s one of my core philosophies. At the same time, you can’t please everybody and you pick your battles. If somebody wants to argue with you if somebody wants to fight, somebody wants to drag you down with negativity, it is your job to break out. You do not need to be part of it. You can dance to the beat of your own drum. You can walk away. You don’t need to be in a fight. If somebody calls you a name, that’s their problem. That is their perception of the world. You move on to the things you’re going to do. Why waste your time and energy? Very interesting.

So as this was happening, I’m thinking this is in my head, and I’m thinking, “This is a great lesson for us business owners.” We move on. Somebody calls us a name, somebody hits us economically, somebody comes after us because they’re just angry with the world if it’s not something we did wrong if we didn’t engage and cause it, move on. If it was a problem we caused, we take responsibility, and we fix it. But if it’s something that is just them and their perception of the world, and they want to cause problems just to cause problems, we’re moving on. So that is our lesson for today. We are moving on. We do not need to deal with this stuff. Think about it, embrace it.

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