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Are You Speaking the Same Language

October 6, 2017 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

R. Shawn McBride recently spoke about the difference in regions and meanings of words.

Hey folks, Shawn here with you, bringing you an important question. Are you asking and speaking the same language as your prospect? Are you talking the same language as your client? And you know what? This may not be as simple as you think. A lot of people think, “Oh, well we both speak English, “we know each other, yeah, sure.” But you know what, there are regional differences; there are different ways of saying things.

A lot of times I find in legal disputes, partnership issues, and other things we get brought in to do, we’re setting up companies and we’re putting together partnership agreements, and we’re working with the different partners employed together on thing we find is a lot of times people are speaking different languages or using different terminology. Let me give you a real-world example. Here in Texas, a lot of times people will talk about getting a Coke. If you go in a store in Texas and you ask for a Coke, people will ask you what kind of Coke you want because Coke, in Texas, basically means a soft drink to most people. It’s not Coca-Cola, whereas most parts of the country you would say, “Hey, I would like a Coca-Cola,” and you’ll get a can of soda, and they’ll give you that soda and you’ll get a Coca-Cola if you ask for a Coke. In Texas, they’ll ask you what kind of Coke do you want. So, you see, different region hear different terminology. And it gets a lot more complex than that.

This is all about what we mean when we say we’re going to divide the profits equally. Well, some people think that means we divide the profits 50/50 after we take salaries for our differential inputs in the business. Some people think that means we don’t take salaries and we divide things 50/50. So you can see, something on the surface looks very similar, ends up being something very different. I really want you to be on the ball. I really want you to think about this.

One of the great ways to get around this is to put things in writing. The more you write things down, the more that you don’t have to worry about this because you go to the written terminology, you can really parse through things, understand the details. It’s not 100% guarantee. People certainly do get into arguments about written agreements too. But you’re putting lot more specificity into things, and you’re removing a lot of risks. So I want you to think about this week.

And I want you to comment below, write to me, let me know what your experience has been. How have you had a miscommunication with other people? Where have things gone astray, and what have you done to correct it? I’m Shawn, I’m here for you. Check our Shawn McBride fans and audiences page on Facebook, a lot of great content, videos, and a great community of people. McBride for Business YouTube channel is excellent.

Get your business valuation checklist at And if I can help your next conference or event, if I can come in there and speak, sit on a panel, help you get to the next level, I’m here for you. Reach out, let’s schedule something. I also do one-on-one coaching, However I can help you do more, I’m here for you. Let me know how I can help you and your teams and organization. I really love getting teams working together. Hope to hear from you soon. I’m R. Shawn McBride, talk to you very soon.

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